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Dustin James Dahir Aurora Colorado USA

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This man conned me into a relationship when I was perfectly happy being single. He even told me he would make up reasons to email me at work. After chatting online through work, I added him as a Facebook friend. Things got a little more serious after that and he asked for my number. Once we started talking via text message it got really serious. Soon we were talking on the phone whenever possible. He told me how amazing I was and how he wanted to marry me. I was going through a divorce and he was divorced. So after talking on the phone for a month or so, I decided to go visit him. He was so excited that he said he loved me and wanted to marry me. I was never dishonest about my looks and sent him pics. I’m not sure what I was thinking. Anyway, I spent alot of money to fly to Aurora Colorado to see him and spend a few days together. I guess he couldn’t quite comprehend the word nervous, which is what I was. He all of a sudden (after a night of mostly pleasing him, I got NO satisfaction) told me I wasn’t fun. He also had the next day off but all of a sudden had to go to work. He left me alone in his dirty condo all day. So I cleaned it because it was awful. Then he told me I would be spending Saturday alone because his son had an early morning game. Another lie since my flight wasn’t until 6pm. We were supposed to spend every moment together. He was so cheap he said he would pay to help me go back home early but never paid me. He still owes me $125 for booking an earlier flight. I’m not the first woman he’s done this to. He said he slept with a woman in November and immediately told her it was a mistake. He said he never heard from her again. Gee, I wonder why. Ladies, Don’t fall for his lame flirting. Don’t listen when he tells you how amazing he is or how big his p***s it. He’s a huge jerk and has no remorse for what he did. He will like to get you to visit him and toss you away for no reason. He’s for sure afraid of commitment.

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