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Douglas Giovanni Argueta Los Angeles, CA, USA

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This guy burns bridges everywhere he goes. For four years he lied about every goddamn thing. Turns out he was fucking the woman downstairs who is disgusting with four kids. Meanwhile he tried to keep me in the house by scaring me into not being friends with anybody.

When it was all finally over I realized he had left me dozens of butt dialed voicemails on my Google phone that I should have checked at the time but he left them over the span of two years. DOZENS.

When I listened to them I was amazed how incriminating they are. It confirms that he is a cheater. Not only with the girl downstairs, but with many prostitutes and that’s where his money was going the whole time, even though he somehow would blame me for his lack of money.

He wasn’t working and he didn’t ever spend any money on me that’s for sure. He just gets by selling drugs from time to time and stealing pounds of weed.

By the way the girl downstairs name is Jennifer G Lopez something like four kids & her baby’s daddy is Bryan Pineda.

So I went ahead and put all the voicemails together and uploaded them to YouTube in one video along with the picture of him doing his favorite pastime which is smoking meth. Whoever wants to see it look up Douglas Argueta prostitutes on YouTube.

Lesson learned: if he looks like a weasel, dont date him.

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