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Donovan Weed, Arizona

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Donovan weed is a criminal lying, con, ugly demon, little creature. His special gift is pathological lying, cheating n robbing you blind of your money, dignity and soul. Dont let his years of experience with deceiving women fool you. Dont fall for his perfected mastery of webs, masks smoke n mirrors. He strings along and uses hundreds of women, his act of charm and spiritual BS is so well perfected that he believes it. This demon hates women, misogynistic to the tee and to his ugly core. Run ladies if you see this man, run!

One thought on “Donovan Weed, Arizona

  1. So Very True! Unfortunately I did not see this until it was too late. I looked him up but I used his middle initial K, unfortunately there was nothing. Because of my decision to be with him I almost lost my Best Friends of 20 years and I don’t know if I will ever be able to fully trust or love again. He is everything this says and so much more. The devastation this caused has changed me forever and not in a good way. The hurt is so deep words can not begin to explain. I am not one to ever say bad things about someone. There always are two sides to every story, but this excuse for a man needs a warning label, I am sorry to say.

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