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Donovan King Pettigrew, Kelowna, BC and Kamloops, BC Canada

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Donovan King Pettigrew is now a trained artist who works with Kamloops Goldsmiths. He lives at 348 Willow Street in Kamloops, BC V2B 4C9 and his phone number is 250-376-2231. Donovan is the son of a single mother back in Kelowna. He met Michelle Leah Knights (once of Kelowna, now of Prince George, BC born 12-19-1975) in early 1993 and was involved with her until 1995. Donovan was dealing drugs and working at Tim Hortons to pay his way through an art degree program at Okanagan College and had received a partial scholarship. I met him several times. He sold magic mushrooms, phencyclidine (angel dust), pot, and other drugs. He met Michelle and within two months was her fiance. They lived on and off together over a 2.5 year period. I know that he has a history of a drug dealer which he admitted, Michelle confirmed, and which I saw him engage in by gathering drugs, processing them, and selling them.

Donovan banned Michelle from working, seeing friends, and have a personal life outside the home. He threatened her on several occasions, and had a habit of pinning her up against the kitchen walls, cabinets, and several times on the floor. She was only 110 pounds and was not a strong person. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her around towards her on three separate occasions during arguments. He made various threats-to beat her, leave her, put her in jail, put her out in the street, while pinning and physically restraining her. He often pinned her arms behind her in arguments and then pushed her up against the refrigerator, kitchen walls and sometimes the floor. He would yell and breathe on top of her on the floor. He pushed her face into the door of the refrigerator.

Donovan was jealous of Michelle and her other friends, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, family, and anyone else she was involved with. He was disliked by her family and banned from visiting them. His violence and temper were well-known to them. Michelle documented his abuse to her on several occasions. She had bruises on her wrists, face, and neck due to his behavior which were observed. He kept accusing her of cheating and lying to him by having friends, ex-boyfriends, or commenting on an interest in another man. He moved in and out of their apartment when he felt like it and followed her to her new locations. She moved a number of times.

In 1994 and 1995, he declared himself her fiance, though she was engaged to someone else. He invited himself to move in and when she finally made him leave, he smashed up a window, smashed in walls, dragged out clothing and furniture, and ripped up a couch. He stole the damage deposit that Michelle had left with her landlord by claiming they were moving out and that he wanted the damage deposit. She then had to cover the damage he caused, about $1500. He went ballistic later and came back to the apartment, stole a leather jacket worth $500, a $350 welfare check for rent, and $150 in stored change. This was after the first incident and was less than 24 hours later. He ripped up a couch in her household.

Donovan was asked to leave beforehand on several occasions. He followed Michelle to events and declared himself her boyfriend. He tried to prevent her from dating or hanging out with others. One time, he had a vicious argument with her, which he often initiated with several hours of yelling, insulting, threatening, and verbally assaulting Michelle until he walked out. He picked up a knife and jabbed it several times into the kitchen table, broke wine bottles against the kitchen floor, and stormed off with one of her expensive leather jackets. When he came back, he found Michelle (she was not dating him at the time and Donovan had declared that he was through with her and was not with her) sleeping with one of her boyfriends. This boyfriend was a casual friend of Michelles and was also a friend of Donovan. He blew a gasket, stole several bottles of wine, threw knives across the room, punched her boyfriend in the face, and threatened her. He also stole more items including wine, sangria, and several expensive crystal ware pieces. He again jabbed the knife into the kitchen table. Her boyfriend had to pin Donovan down to get him to leave with a warning of an arrest by the police.

He was arrested and detained on more than one occasion for assaulting and threatening Michelle as well as other people. There were other incidents. He continued to guilt-trip and bad mouth Michelle until all of our friends effectively banned him from any contact with the group and her fiance issued him an ultimatum that he finally took seriously. He got Michelle addicted to drugs and pushed them onto her when she was drunk or high. He introduced her to harder drugs including psilocybin and

Donovan has a violent and temper-mental streak that has been documented on several occasions by other people. He has gotten through life by being manipulative, attractive, intelligent, and carefully hiding his history. He claims to be a family man but is controlling, jealous, and violent. He tries to force women to stay at home and regulate their activity. He goes out when he feels like but bans them from traveling, driving, working, having friends, having social lives, pursuing an education, having outside hobbies and interests, dating other people, dressing how they want, and having any feelings, willpower, decisions, opinions, or identities of their own. It is best to stay away from this violent sociopath.

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