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Donna Duffy-Bell Sellersville PA USA

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Donna Duffy-Bell is a MAJOR LOSER AND AN Anti-Christian Jew who uses antipsychotic medications to piss off Christians especially those of Western European ethnicity. Abuses mental health commitment procedures with liberal local judge John Rufe (also Jewish) to commit out of town guests in Bucks County PA and then forces unnecessary medications and therapy threatening to embarass those who do not take meds by forwarding commitment papers to schools and employers. Also, Donna Duffy-Bell uses extended network of liberal faggot monkeys (illegal immigrants with repeated aggravated DWI convictions, sex crimes, and also mob underbosses) to commit violence against those who will not take medications or use jewish therapists and psychologists. Violence includes repeated car accidents where doors are rear doors are damaged as well as repeated threats by low level minimum waged customer service employees. Avoid this ugly worn out Israeli piece of sh-t. She is from a family of losers.

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