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Donald C Woronowicz, Sumter, South Carolina

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I met Don on a dating website.Hes quit the charmer… love notes and texting tons of pics… Facetime and long phone calls. Dates(favorite place to take us poor girls in flying saucer) He would disappear in evenings and have unaccounted for lapses in time and communication. Last minute trips and traveling. He doesnt call or text during this time he is with other women. Always claims hes busy with work or sanding his floors(they been finished for a while) and cleaning up his house. If you have googled him, those websites are not lies! I confronted him and got the same story Im sure you did. Its a lie. I did my research and discovered other ladies he was dating while dating me. He goes on plenty of fish, tender, adult friend finder, sls, ok cupid…. You are not his only one!! I promise! He told me he was only dating me…. not true!!! This guy is bad news!


40 thoughts on “Donald C Woronowicz, Sumter, South Carolina

  1. Hello, here is another one. I read this and my heart is breaking right now. I thought me in a realtionship with him since january 2014-till now. As you mentioned Facetime,messages, calls, tons of pictures for me the same. I was so in love with this guy, always gentle and nice. I discovered the whole internet story in april and listened to his excuse of a mad bad ex girl friend.” Past is past” I thought by myself and went on. Weekends, the mobile is switched off, no answer, sometimes he disappeared for a while. Always busy with work. I believed in him because love makes blind (stupid me). He goes on forever with that.Looks into your eyes and swears “you are the only one”. Don’t care about the hearts he is tearing…
    In december he vanished for about a week ( broken mobile/family visit). The reason ladies why he did not spent new years with you= I visited him… I feel so sorry and heartbroken. How can a person be that evil? How can a person go on with that forever? With knowing a woman loves him and trust him? Iam not a toy. Iam a woman with a heart and mind! Heseems to use us and when he is bored : There is another one… Still cannot believe. Those internet stuff will be gone but he will go on. Nobody to stop this :(…. he praised marriage: wrote he will marry me ( still have those messages on my phone, wrote about us having family and kids)

    Now coming to the worst part: all those “special” photos you send him, they are all on his ipad…I saw them all, many different ladies, all lined up in his photo album. Now i will end up as a face or number in it , too… how sick is that?

    I always thought he is a good guy because of his job and the responsibilty he has…. i really would like to talk the woman who wrote this.I feel sorry. 🙁

    !!!I wont say something nasty but I hope god will judge this!

  2. Iam the writer of the first comment and want to apologize for my recent post. I really want this to be deleted because I wrote it in a very hurry conclusion. Don’t want to get into this game of a former bad realtionship and am now saying : Sorry, to the man I wrote about. It was not my intension to hurt or blame him I hope that my comments will be deleted soon.

    Shame on me to write that comment above. I have NO evidence that he is cheating! And again sorry. I was so shocked reading the first entry and acted without thinking twice.

    This man went through much anger before and I really hope that at least my comment will be deleted soon. I sent an email to this page and hope to get a result next time.
    I wish he can find peace and sorry again. I was sad and disappointed and acted without thinking twice.
    He always treated me with respect and very gentle.
    Please delete my former comment. ( I sent an email with link incl.) Bye

  3. And he IS a good guy by the way. Sorry Donald, you dont deserve that. Hope that all will come to a good end.
    And shame on me for this first post. I don’t think you are a cheater or a bad guy.

  4. Why to hide your names!
    whom is the latest girl and excuses from Donald ?? guys like him will never change believe it…because they are douchebags ,immatures with no goals for life! i feel bad for them but not sorry!!! a life of loneliness and sadness is going to be his end.

  5. Please don’t believe a word don Woronowicz says. He’s been doing this to women. More than you can imagine for YEARS. I know for a fact and everyone deserves to know he uses the same excuses again and again

  6. Don’t believe his lies ladies! His talk of marriage and children and property(showing you properties on zillow) to buy and remodel… He does this with every woman he dates. He’s full of excuses for why he can’t talk or see you… Let’s see if this sounds familiar: “my phone died”, “I have a flat tire”, “I’m working on Saturday”, “I’m working on house for Leroy”, “my family wants me to visit”, “I’m sick”, “I fell asleep”, “I’m hunting”, “I’m fishing” ,”my phone is broken, using a crap phone”…. He will send pics to prove his whereabouts but ladies, those are “stock excuse photos”….all the women I’ve spoken to have received them. Pic of clock, PC screen at work, flat tire, Leroy…etc
    AND pls don’t send him pics of yourselves. These are trophies and he has them ALL
    if you’ve received gifts from him… They are REPEATS! Or maybe even re-gifts that he got from other women.
    He will send you pics from the toilet, pics of his “ehem” manhood, pics of his house, and Leroy…
    His colognes name is a number “212” … How about that famous button up long sleeve blue shirt???

    Come on!!! I KNOW he cheated! I’m am trying to help those of you who are still in doubt. Ask yourself this, why is there soooo much out there about this guy cheating!?!? It’s because he does! He did it to me. I found 2 other women whom I’ve spoken with. Based on this site, there are more that I didn’t know about but definitely suspected!

    1. Donald C. Woronowicz III is a sick person! I’m very sad for all those girls that been hurt with this trashman, all he does is to take advantage of good, sincere and loyal women out there, believe me there is no one that he took seriously at all. If you ever confront him yes he will definitely say “mad ex girlfriends” sorry is my past and I can’t do nothing about it. He will play the game of poor little me, I need a real girl that will really love me(everyone hates me because I didn’t have time for them). but please don’t fall into his vicious game of lies. All those pics are all trash, he always wearing the same shirt, pics of his d.., clock, Leroy (poor old man), pics at work and more and seriously I’m sure he travels all around the country ruining up good girls. I feel bad for you my sweet girls (been there , same excuses ALWAYS) but think about all right here and think again is this fat, stupid guy really worth it?Noooo. You are wasting your precious time! He deserve to be alone 4ever. I’m not wonder now why he was so stressed all the time with problems.

  7. No matter how many women you do this to Don, your ” d ” won’t get any bigger. And NO, it wasn’t satisfying. I was faking because at that point I cared about your feelings. It was the worst, being crushed beneath you… Disgusting!

    1. Ok. I have to ask. Even though I am not sure if I want to hear the answer, but were any of you women with him in June 2014, when he went to Illinois for his son’s wedding, up until November 2014?

      1. Why do you want to know if you don’t really want to hear the answer! You still with him even with all of his crap? He is a big big player, he will txt until he gets tired of you and then he avoid you using all those famous excuses. I feel bad for you but I was with him during that time or I was one of the all he been with at the same time.

  8. I am definitely not with him.I was stupid for a short period of time. It didnt take me long to realize that he is not the man he claims to be. He thinks women are stupid and will never see him for what he truly is. But I want to know why people are apologizing for the things they said? Tell me why he deserves an apology? He is the one that should be apologizing. But only real men will admit when they are wrong and will apologise; a real man is something he definitely is not!!

  9. He is still cheating. I had been with him for over a year in a half, even this past week. I have suspected and confronted him with his behavior and he will lie to your face. He swears there is no one else. I think he exclusively dates long distance to keep the upper hand. And yes, he still says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, that I make him a better man

    1. From that time, I was with him for the past year! I was in Toronto with him in September ! All the same bs… All the same storie about phones…pics..disappearing..ect.ect… I even have pictures of us together. WOW! I figured he was a player wow!!

  10. You get what you deserve! You been on this page writing stuff and you are now saying fooled again seriously!! Well you are same trash as he is, sorry but over a year and all the time cheated uugh disgusting and nasty… Good luck with a man that have issues and probably aids!!!

  11. So how old are you Fooled? And what city you live at? Are you sure he spent the week with you? Huh! He was with me this past week too!!!! Why you hide your name don’t get it? And for a year in a half bulls… I’ll be wearing my diamond already hahaha!! And you better get tested, he’s dirty!!!

  12. WOW!!! Some of you have just about as much sense as he does. You have read all of these stories and have proof right here that he is with many women,and have heard his excuses that he has given (you know damn well that you have heard them all too) but yet you come on here saying that you were just with him and how hurt you are. If you are trying to brag (no one is jealous), or want someone to feel sorry for you (we don’t), you are on the wrong site. Some have asked why no one will put their names on here, Well the person that asked the question didn’t put their name either. Is it because you are still with him and don’t want him to know exactly who it is? FYI girls…he doesn’t care. If you are that stupid and willing enough to still be with him and believe his crap, then he is getting what he wants and you must like to be treated like shit! Unless all you want is a piece every once in a while…it is time to grow-up and attempt to grow a brain. And please stop posting on here how he is still cheating on you. Because no one feels sorry for you anymore. As they say…’the first time, shame on him; the second time, shame on you!!!’

  13. I knew there was something up with this guy…too good to be true. Met him on Tinder, not in person yet. When I read all the posts, I laugh he has told me all the same things and the pics and Leroy. I haven’t confronted him nor do I really care about it but he is trying the same bull shit with me, I was smart to be diligent and research him. Ladies, always go with your gut, I knew he was too good to be true! Be careful out there and take care, if anyone wants to talk about it my email is I would love to report him to his Commanding Officer on base, he needs to stop.

  14. You may have all noticed that all except two of your sites have been removed. Chris, Steph, Pam, Summer, etc. have you not stopped to wonder why?
    Twitter, Flicker, Yahoo, Stumbleupon, Goodreads, Multiple Dating Sites,, Myurl, cheaterville, spokeo, etc all immediately closed the accounts because of the legal violations of their policies. As most of you have figured out… What you post here cannot be taken down. The only person who can remove your posts is Summer as she is the creator of this post (and eventually the lawyer). Every post is being watched and documented by lawyers. All of the previous sites were documented before being removed as well. Your anger, rage, and wounded pride by a man who openly admits up front that he chooses to live a non committed life has lead all of you here. Don is the one who told you about this right from the start. He told you this was happening to him. Don has not done anything illegal. Dating multiple people at once is not a crime. I am not a lawyer, but all of the other sites deleted your posts immediately because of cyber stalking, cyber harassment, cyber impersonation, and defamation. Depending on the state, those involved will face various degrees of fines and criminal punishment. Don will also be able to open a civil suit against you as well for pain and suffering. Don’s personal interactions with you may not have gone as you had hoped, but these sites, these posts, are you purposely trying to ruin someone’s life. That is not just cruel, but illegal. There is a fine line between freedom of speech & harrassment. It is clear that some of you did not really think your engagement into this through before posting, where as others have been contributing to the files for years. I am posting this for those of you who don’t really deserve to have your name on the lawyers file. I hope anyone new who reads this thinks carefully about whether getting involved in this is really worth it to them. These posts are not to protect other women as you claim, they are words of anger and revenge in an attempt to keep trying to make Don pay for your pain. Your actions have caused enough damage to him, his career, and his family that it now is a criminal offense. Here is just one site on SC laws. I know you are all from different states. I am not sure if your own state laws apply. If I were all of you I would give it a glance so you can be prepared for what may happen when the lawyers have everything they need.
    To me this is helping those of you who loved a man who was not looking for a committment. Be safe, be happy, and move on with your life. Never regret anything that made you smile, even if it didn’t last.

    ~ Jen

    1. Jen…I do not know your relationship with Don, but thank you. Hopefully your comment will make it stop. I am an old friend of his since high school and have been trying to get ahold of him with no success. I have a feeling that all of this stuff may have something to do with it. There is a line between giving information and messing with someone’s life. Don is a great person and will always want to make someone smile. He doesn’t deserve this treatment just because he has been with many women. Whether the girls knew about it or not,it does not give them the right to say some of the things they said. So thank you Jen. He has always been a great friend and i hate to see this happening To him. Hopefully it will stop one has posted since yours, so I hope it is a good sign. Thank you again.

  15. Just curious ladies, he admits he has had some issues in the past but all of that is behind him. I’ve seen him on a few different sites but it looks like there haven’t been any postings in a while…is anyone dating him?

  16. I have been in what he swears is a committed relationship with him for quite some time. How is he splitting his time with anyone?

    1. I was with him in December 2015 and April 2016. Spent time with his entire family and have pics of our adventures.

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