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Donald Burroughs also known as DJ lives in the Hartwell, GA. area. He is a Gay white male who lies and causes drama to break you up with your partner. DJ has a rich boyfriend who he hides from friends and family. The boyfriend is who provides for DJ but he lies that it’s all his family. I know DJ through his boyfriend and DJ caused lying drama between myself and boyfriend to cause us to break up. He even treats his boyfriend like crap but the boyfriend provides him his clothes, MacBook pro 2016, iphone, money for food but tells his friends it’s his family who is rich but in fact it’s his boyfriend. He will tell everyone that this post is all a lie because “everyone” is always trying to start shit with him. Watch out for this guy cause he will do anything and lie about anything to get his own way. He has no guilt in breaking you and your spouse up. I have so much more info to prove this besides the fact that most already know he’s gay because of his very feminine actions. You can reach me at casperallenlee at gmail com and I can provide you with much more detail and even who his boyfriend is.

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