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Domestic Terrorist Papa Ibrahima Diop a.k.a Diop Lambaye

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REPORT to USCIS , HOMELAND SECURITY 1-866-347-2423 for polygamy in Green Card marriage fraud legal name, Papa Ibrahima Diop his alien # is 》 A#203-379-761 born April 17th 1983 in Dakar Senegal however currently residing in the Bronx with his second gambian Polygamist wife Ida Jallow who he fathered a illegimate child with while being legally married to his first wife who sponsored him for green card. Also call his job Carmine’s New York City on 200 West 44th Street in Manhattan at 212 221-3800 press 0 ask to speak to a manager and tell them that you don’t support a business that hire polygamous liars cheaters who contaminate people’s food with bodily fluids spit, boogers and steal. he’s a waiter spitting in people’s food that are rude and demandinding to him and stealing cloth napkins, credit card info. Both of these people papa and ida are practicing muslim polygamist who had an agenda in place to defraud the government and an American into a green card marriage fraud. Papa even has a YouTube video of his movie title NJUMTE which details an African Coming to America no not that kind of coming to america lol Marrying an American while he’s married to a African woman and bring ing her to theUSA where they both commit immigration Green Card marriage fraud how ironic. he continues to work with other videography project that exploit and humiliate an American people he also records amateur p*** keeps on external hard drive with encrypted files it is rumored that these encrypted files also contain material illegal in the United States he uses many aliases however his favorite is Diop Lambaye he also has many different email accounts that he uses for online dating at so he is both legally married and marry in the name of Islam to his second wife he also picked up women at the bus stop in the subway in at Planet Fitness gym he has even met two women at his job Carmine’s. you might see this chameleon in a cheap suit or African Muslim garb with or without glasses however he still the same lowlife polygamous lying cheating domestic terrorist that he always was

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