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Dillion Harper, Jupiter, Florida, USA

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Dillion Harper who is an adult actress, female adult performer or female adult entertainer is to be considered a totally condemned evil racist adult actress for being against especially males or men who are not white especially such men or males who are Black males or African-American males in particular. She was born in Jupiter, Florida, back in 1991 on 27th of September.

Her racism and hateful bigotry comes out of the fact that Dillion Harper detests these males or men because of the color of skin that they have and the dark skin pigmentation that they possess. It is therefore based upon this that Dillion Harper deserves to be completely denounced, completely condemned, completely ridiculed, completely reviled, and completely ostracized for being the ugly racist that she indeed is.

People are equal no matter what race they belong too as human beings. Bigots and Race discriminators like Dillion Harper do not see it so and therefore must be exposed and harshly and strongly denigrated and vilified for how mentally ill with their racist prejudice they are.

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