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Dennis Emanuele of Lucky Supermarket

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Dennis tries to convince every woman of group sex. If you are dating him, he will brag that he is sleeping with 5 other women. (May be true) He also has a history of using women to obtain a car, have a place to live, and for money and entertainment. He’s usually seeing a few women simultaneously. BEWARE ! He has hurt many, many women. He currently lives with a women 17 years older than him that was his lover. He will tell you that he is single and maybe bring you to his house while she is at work. Interesting because he’s now cheating on the woman he cheated with from the last one he lived with (The last one walked in on their sex in her living room). Now he’s doing the same thing to the other one. He destroys women emotionally. If you are looking for respect and love, look elsewhere.

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