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Denise Thonus, Roselle, Illinois

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I had been with my boyfriend for a year and a half, was 9 months pregnant with our now 5 week old son. Denise was a friend of my boyfriends from high school that the two of them had lost touch. She caught her husband cheating on her and was depressed so she found my boyfriend on Facebook supposedly just looking to reconnect with an old friend. I met her, she even came to my house to see my newest sons nursery, we all hung out by a bonfire where she talked about what an immoral piece of crap her husband was for cheating on her.

About a week after my son was born I saw all the text messages between my boyfriend and Denise, they had started having sex just 9 days before my son was born, a week later (2 days before my scheduled C-section) she brought her kids to a cookout where they played with my kids and she talked to my face like a new friend would. The day he brought me and our son home from the hospital I thought it was strange that he went home and didn’t come back to my house until three in the morning…I found out from text messages that it was because she was at his house. When I found all these texts and confronted him (told him to leave my house) he swore he loved me, didn’t want to lose me, would never see her again since she meant nothing to him, was just a piece of ass. I loved him and still do very much so I decided to give him another chance. Then his yearly Fourth of July trip out of state to visit with family came up. I didn’t think he was going since he had a newborn at home. He told me the morning of the trip that he loved me and would be back in a week, a day later I found out that he took his “piece of ass” on his week-long vacation to meet some of his family. His mom, cousin, and sister were all at my house during his vacation to visit with the baby and they are all disgusted by his actions. His mom actually told me how ashamed of him she is.

How do I get passed this? I feel so many emotions…not good enough, heartbroken, empty, angry…how do I let this go when I can’t cut all ties because of our son? How do I get over him picking his “piece of ass” over me and I feel like over his son too?

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