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Demond Love, Houston, Texas

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I recently met Demond Love on Tagged he is a trucker driver and has a route that brings him through New Mexico weekly. He seemed trustworthy and charming and i was trying to get to know him. He was trying to rush me into having sex with him and was saying were in the love at first relationship, which is probably what he tells all women to get them into bed. He didn’t care about protection but i made him use it. Thank God I did because later I found out from health officials i could been at risk. Women please be warned this man had me fooled and I’m 50 years old.


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  1. I have known Demond for a while and helped him. We were friends, however I rented an apartment for him and helped him with numerous things. e skipped out on the apartment and changed his number. I had to pay over $2000 in fees. He is a liar and watch out for him. He is attractive, however he is troubled. I definitely believe every word you have said

  2. He is a conn and has been doing this for some time now.We met in 2006 and he skipped town and left me in a situation. However I am trying to get current information on him, if anyone knows any up to date info please put it on here or contact me at krl81 at hotmail dot com

    1. 508-905-9858…I wish I would have seen the site before I gave him any time of the day…I hope this helps…

      1. You have got to be the stupidest bitch ever. Did you not know that he checks this shit on a regular? Did you not think he would change his number. So guess what? Now no one else can reach him. So it looks like we’re at square one.

      2. @MAD AT MYSELF:

        Girl, I hope you didn’t give into his charm. Thanks for sharing his number. We did call; however, he never answered. The number is now disconnected.

        For those who has his social, please @ me and leave your contact information. We’ll pay for the information. Multiple children are involved. Thanks.

          1. His location is actually 1960-cypress creek parkway and Treaschwig by the Walgreens not Tierwester and his DoB is 32374 and social is 073408466

  3. Straight con man and still at it. He also left me in a situation. I really don’t know how he sleeps at night. He is narcissistic and has empathy for no one. His only goal is to use people. Watch out for this one he is very manipulative.

  4. I met Demond Cardrell Love back in 2010 on He also has been on Plenty of and he too left me with a pair of situations. I last spoke to him almost three years ago. I have been looking for him for the past two years. He was living in the Houston area but I had a private eye looking for him. I now have information that he is living in Salt Lake City, UT. He has several children in Texas and in California. From the comments I’ve read above, he is nothing but a liar and has no heart. He is definitely populating the world with his seed…Ladies protect yourself!

  5. He was working for a company out of Utah. He was also on Tagged and Zoosk. He never uses protection and is a serial breeder. I am glad people are finding the courage to post maybe this will help someone. He is so heartless and cares about nothing but himself. I’ve contacted a show and they thought he would be great topic. I also contacted the show cry wolf the world needs to know about his lying ass.

  6. Wow, well peep this. I met him in 2012. He was in a major hurry to have sex. I refused. He also inadvertently called me while he was with some one else and that was a huge red flag. He didn’t get any money out of me but his apartment CLEARLY spoke of a temporary place that was probably set up by a woman. Off 45N behind a Mercedes dealership. He also lived in Pearland. He claimed to have lived up north and I saw on one site that he was married. He text me about a year ago saying he missed me and I let him have it. I’ve been getting random calls that led me to this. I’m thankful that I didn’t become more involved. He knew I wasn’t moving on my stance and wasn’t letting him in any further so it pissed him off. He has kids from Cali to Newark and addresses as well. He will eventually find a weak link, that’s what he wants.

  7. I met this man on Tagged last year. I slightly bought into his charm, but was being a genuine friend which is what I thought he needed. He pretended to have genuine intentions, but somehow I ended up with the short end of the stick. He left owing me money and leaving me in a situation. The paragraph would quickly turn into a novel or a short story if I went in to detail. This man needs to seek some counseling. He is so broken enough to bleed shards of glass. He contacted me asking me to remove a post about what he did to me, but refused to help him after I kept reading post from all the people he has hurt. I truly cared about him and wanted to help, but he needs to man up and write his wrongs. He got mad after I wouldn’t do it and said he wasn’t kissing no one’s ass for their help. All I can do is move on and pray for him. How could someone with the last name Love be so HEARTLESS.

    1. I had my suspicion ions about him and I’m glad I started to search on him. I just met him thru POF and he states he lives in Las Vegas with his sister. He is currently driving out of town working and wants to meet me when he returns. I’m so glad I checked first. Now I can block him and go on with my life. Thank you ladies so much for posting your stories. He did send me this pic of his truck maybe this will help.

    2. I thought the same thing about his last name when I met him in December 2014. But I also found it weird that his first name was Demon which was too close to demon. Something just didn’t feel right when I met him and it wasn’t.

  8. I recently meet him on POF and we talked and texted a lot and we’re planned to meet up. Meeting him he was a total let down his only intention was to have sex. No bueno! After meeting him I caught him in so many lies ( i guess he forgot what he had told me on the phone) but didn’t call him on them I stopped excepting his calls after I saw all the post about him. @ always check first someone posted his sister is a child on a website so I doubt that he’s living with her. His profile name should be have dick will travel thanks ladies he’s just disgusting.

    1. He has two sisters (one living; the other is deceased) so I doubt it’s his real sister, unless his father has multiple children all over the U.S. like Deomond does.

  9. I met this guy back in 2007 on BPM. I too thought he was a good guy. I was fooled by his charm, sex appeal, and smile. We stopped talking shortly after we met. However, I met someone in Rhode Island who knows his mom. This dude’s baby mother called him a dead-beat who left Rhode Island after fathering SIX BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN by FOUR DIFFERENT WOMEN. He also has a child in Arizon and one in California. All of his baby mothers can be found on Facebook!

    Please stay away from this guy! He’s nothing but trouble!!

  10. Okay so theChild Support folks brought something to my attention. If there are any ladies on her with kids that are gathered by Demond we need to link up so that our kids won’t be out here dating one another they need to know each other r have at least met once in their lives. I’m at Krl 81 at hot mail dot com

    I have a 9 year old son by the man

    1. Why would the last thing you mention be your son? You should have lead with that. Why would the child support folks tell all you women to get together? This is the price you pay laying and making a baby with someone who is not your husband. And why is it so difficult to find him? Oh you don’t have his Social?

          1. @theTruth

            Please spell his numbers with words (i.e., zero-two-three) as the site block out the first three numbers.

            THANK YOU!!

          2. Please write out the first three numbers. I’m also the mother of one of his children and I need his social to pursue child support.

  11. Someone needs to write a blog, create a Facebook and Instagram page warning women about this “demon!” I found it odd that his first name “Demond” too. A demon is what he really is. A big d*ck and a small ain’t worth the headache ladies. BEWARE!!

  12. Demond and I met on a gay website, and hooked up during one of his truck runs. Yes, he is bi-sexual. He doesnt believe in safe sex! He said I was his “first” but I don’t believe him. He was too eager to dive in. The screaming right before he climax was a huge (no pun intended) turn-off.

    1. Lol, he doesn’t even make sounds when fucking so what is your fa**ot ass talking about. And if your story is true, you must be a bottom. How’d that big d*$k feel I’m your a $$? But I know you’re just some bitter ass woman.

        1. Trust there’s no love between Demond and I, but you’re lying. What sight did you meet him on. Show us proof.

    2. Butch shut up your a non fuchsia faactoor. I I was more than a an encounter a ad thing is you sound like you’re trying. Toto convince yuri elf that your. Not. I don’t have shot to say to you you’re not his mom. So stay the fuchsia outta for it. Karma is butch especially name that waiting. To dance with him. So ducky you. Butch. I know a all his info

  13. He’s a monster and could be anywhere now although his dating profile says he’s in North Houston. I have a 10 y/o daughter by this asshole and seeking child support. If anyone has up-to-date information please post it here. Thanks!!

  14. OMFG! Demond and I have been messaging one another on POF and decided to meet up. So glad I googled him first! Ain’t no way…smh. Thanks for the warning everyone.

  15. All I’m reading is a bunch of things that may or may not be true, but the saddest thing is you all are a bunch of older women that know Karma is a mutha. Putting your business out there sounding like scored women. You all got caught out there with his charm,it happens. Question,what do you all hope to gain from this? Further tainting him rep? Do any of you want a relationship with this man? Because it sounds like if I can’t have him you can’t either. And somebody get your cousin talking about he’s bisexual. And I hope all you ladies wrapped it but, but I know yall didn’t. Remember people only do what you allow. I welcome responses.

    1. Ok, so Ride or Die is the “demon” Demond and his current victim (although she doesn’t know it yet!).

      You both are PATHETIC!!

  16. So I’m taking it that Ride or Die is Demond. He Fuchs over every woman he meets. Yes he is bisexual. Having a big dick has nothing to with it. You puss must be loose cause when we fuel he was nothing but vocal. Yes he makes noise. Everyone ain’t the same with everybody. This guy is pond scum at best. It’s sad cause his mother Frankie has to hold her head down. If you notice the stories or truths have not stopped. He never uses protection and my suggestion to the ladies that that may have something is to report him to the health district. I truly thinks he has a mental problem. Demond is not capable of committing to using the same toothpaste so no one can have a relationship with someone who doesn’t even know who he is. I have his I’d and social number and dot driving info leave your email if you need I’ll contact you. He needs to be stopped. To the girl who posted the number you were on trying to helped no harm in that man was going to change it anyway he’s changed it 10 times in one year.

  17. Hi I is mom’s name is Frankie Love Woods. Ride or Die ask yourself or that scum bag why his own mom doesn’t deal with him.

  18. To all the ladies on here and the ones recently a quaint ed with this no nothing ass scum. Demond case is similar to that of the Internet Casanova a who was eventually prosecuted for taking something from a woman and pawn in it. Only Demons steals in other ways he manipulates women. However if he ever obtained any funds or help under false pretenses it’s something that may be illegal. So Ride or Die or Demond the pictures won’t load but I can guarantee you won’t come for me on here cause I’m not the one to play with. If you do decided to say some shot to me just know my fury will be equal to that of walking through hell with gasoline drawzs on. Tired of seeing you hurt people and getting away with it.i feel sorry for you but it won’t stop me from trying to help stop you from hurting people. You need to help but you know that.i know more than I need to about you. You don’t have a reputation to ruin that’s been trash. You would think you’d try to honor your mom and sisters by treating women how you wish to see them treated. Don’t even speak on Karma cause it’s waiting to hit your ass like a bolt of lightning. Sad that your in your 40s still doing bullshit. Your brother is a great man follow that lead. You’re stuck somehow. Who fucked over you and made you hate woman, cause that’s what you act like. I found some people really interested in this cause this shot you got going on is better than reality tv. Believe me if you’re hiding under a rock in Wisconsin I’ll find you. You can’t hide. If you wish to continue to play games subscribe to Game fly and leave people the fucked alone.

    1. First off ain’t no body scared of you or the fury you speak of. I’m not Demond nor am I a relative. No matter what yall say, he’s going to continue until he gets hurt…BAD or these baby mamas hit those pockets.I don’t understand what you’re saying in regards to the pictures nothat loading because the sentence doesn’t make sense just like those BS “threats” you throwing out. One thing about me I can hold me own. Aside from the women who have children, why would you take care of a grown ass man. Grant it one time you may help a brother out, but repeatedly speaks volumes about you allast especially if you got nothing in return expect dingaling. I never gave that nucca any because I don’t fuck on first encounters especially if all we’ve had were phone convos. Now I can be just as upset as the rest of you all, but at the end of the day what goes around come around and when it does….BABY he better watch out. And unless he’s spreading diseases there’s not much anyone can do and even then it’s state by state and you need to have your proof. Now I can give yall some tips on how to get him, but I’m not vengeful because every dog has his day. Hope it works out for you ladies, I really do. And remember we all have to take some responsibility in all of this because it’s not like he went in your wallet and stole your money. We all know most people and cheat…Demond is just very charming and he’s a nice looking man. Pray yall.

  19. Duck him. A and you. I in do don’t do a loot inn terrine etc banging. I’m about what say I’m about so eat a duck bit getting Maan a an quit talking. Up for this piece of shit.

    1. So bitch if you bout it, bring your ass around my hood. I’ve left my email address and I will be happy to give you a number where I can be reached. And I’ll meet your ass at the airport fuck you up and send you on your way. You bitter and mad and probably old as dirt and got played. You mad or nah? I think you are. Cause you haven’t said shit of value. You got info, but ain’t posting shit. So all you doing is talking. You can kick boulder with no shoes. Lick my pu**y and eat my ass. Damn shame yall want to put an end to something, but all yall doing is moving your fingers across the keys. Holla.

      1. Who in the hell rides for a psycho low life. Only a weak minded bitch will ride with a dirty dic* scum. It’s a shame that some women are so desperate that they will ride with a nigga that ain’t got shit, ain’t about shit and will never amount to shit! Baby girl he will use and abuse you like the rest of these scorn women.

        1. Let me tell you something, he will never use and abuse me unless I allow him to so let’s get that straight. I will never give a man anything more than I’m willing to give and if I don’t get what I want then I move on. If he tells me wants to be with me, then he needs to show me. Words don’t mean a darn thing. Secondly, I will never open my legs and allow him to release in me knowing the consequences. So you too, sound like a bitter individual. HE can be as low as he wants, be as psycho as he wants at the end of the day that his business and mine for what we have and will have. Also, as long as I got shit, that’s what matters. And trust me, I will never be desperate for this nigga or any other. But yes, I will ride hard and continue. As long him and I are good that’s our business. Everyone else’s relationship with him is their business not mine. And if you think I’m a Lunatic, you should see the bitch that’s really riding hard because she can’t have him.

          1. @Ride and Die,

            You sound like a stupid ass insecure bitch! We’ll see how long you ride with the dirty dick batty boy!

            You better get tested, bitch!

          2. You know this dirty dick ass batty boy is a faggot with 25 kids and counting, but yet you claim to be his “Ride or Die.” Girl, bye! I HOPE YOU RIDE STRAIGHT TO HELL with that mother-fucker!!

            You’re probably FAT and BUSTED! He loves big girls!!

          3. You don’t have him either Ride or Die. He fucks someone everywhere his truck stops and he has a disease.i know cause he gave it to me. This man will run over your manly looking Ass like he did everyone else. Until he gets some mental help. It’s like taking in something wild not knowing when he’ll snap. He needs to be in meds. Demond is suck. Hopefully he can get some help. If birches like you really cares you hold him accountable we don’t let the people we love remain broken there is something wrong with you if you do so. What if these women were you Daughter I wonder would you be feeling the same. Karma don’t always come back on us.

      2. I’m about it! Fuck all the talk! Leave your information so we can make this happen, since you want to talk shit online!

        1. It’s on here already. I’m not hiding. You’re the one up here talking all this shit on a public…let me say it again, Public website. Are you mad? It’s one to be upset, but you’re just bitter. Just take one for the team…all yall. Yall know the saying, “mama’s baby, daddy’s maybe”. This is the price you pay for having a baby with a man you ain’t married to. Let karma handle her biz. Just be easy. How many years have you been upset and many more are you willing to give. Sometimes you gotta make peace with shit and move on and be thankful for the life lesson. So with all that pray for healing. Your angry, hurt, scarred, scored, and tired, so I’ll spare you the ass whoopin because what would you be fighting me over? What I said? They have that much meaning to you? Gurl bye, thanks for all that power. Or over this guy? Because I don’t fight bitches over niggas that belong to me so I won’t for one that doesn’t…I’m not not about the simple life I’m too smart for shit like that dummy.

        2. Actually I’m not fat and far from busted. All I see are a bunch of women who are not willing to take responsibility for their part in. You all can say what you want as I sit here and laugh at you all. I know what it is. And from my encounters and what I’m reading I am able to form my own opinion. I’m good over here. I know non of you, but I know all your business. Being on here trying to not take accountability and trying to come at me for stating facts just proves further how effing you are. How many of you women actually came together to make something happen? Eight, nine, ten, years later…I would’ve been told my child his daddy is dead. And if yall had men in your lives that cared about you and your children then they would step up to the plate and help you out and tell you, “Boo, don’t worry I got you and your seed”. Yall obviously don’t believe in Karma. I’m dismissing all yall and will continue on with my life with or or without this man. Fucking lames as bitches. HAHAHAHA, I’m fat and ugly. Birds bye.

        3. I really don’t understand what one relationship has to do with the other. Where you two in a relationship or was he just driving through town when you let him it? Also what did he give you?

  20. You’re riding wayyyy to hard for Demond, baby girl. Are you “Demond” behind the keys, his ex-wife, or current woman? Who are you? Why protect or come to bat for someone you know is spilling his seed throughout this earth and giving zero fucks about his children? Then you turn around and blame these women for sleeping with him, being bitter, and tainting his reputation. Demond fucked his own life up by being childish and irresponsible! He is a loss cause and at this point, all we care about is the fatherless children he has left behind.


  21. If you are currently pregnant or have a child by Demond Cardrell Love, please comment beneath this post with your city, state, gender of child and age. I have someone that is willing to assist us with building a case against him. This is for our children!!

    So far, we know he has the following:

    RHODE ISLAND: 5 children

    OAKLAND, CA: 1

    ARIZONA: 1

    HOUSTON: 2

    1. Yep, he told me too; said; “He didn’t like me, only wanted to fuck! The feelings were mutual. We did our thing and went our separate ways. This was a decade ago!

    1. Weren’t there inconsistencies in his stories? How long after a man tells that you’re in a relationship do you start making babies. And Google search has been around for a long time? I don’t know how sorry I feel for you women, but my heart bleeds for the children he is fathering. That is SAD.

  22. I’m in Houston too. Our twins are due at the end of the year. This is sad to find out he has so many other children out there. Has he even seen these other children?

    1. I feel so sorry for you. Maybe he’ll claim your twins as they may be his first set. When Demond and I met, he told me he had a son name “Donovan.” It wasn’t until later that I found out he has six other children through his mom’s page on Facebook. I’ve spoken to his second oldest daughter (Janae). She has never had a relationship with Demond. We have an 8-year old son by him. Thanks for posting his social. I’m going to hire an attorney and begin the process of filing for support. My son is well taken care of; however, it is Demond’s responsibility to pay child support! It’s sad my son will never have a relationship with his family.

      Best wishes to you and your babies.

      1. We already have a 18 month old son. The twins were a BIG SURPRISE! It’s really sad that he has all these other children and I had no clue. I only knew about his grown children. I hope one day he owns up to his other responsibilities and take care of all the children he has fathered.

        1. Wait! You already have a child with him? Are you in a current relationship with this man? Does he support you and your son? You do know he owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in child supportt; and continues to dig himself even deeper.

          This is beyond crazy!!

      2. Who are you? I never spoke to you on the phone or Via Facebook! I’ve never had any contact with the mothers of my siblings. Lastly, I don’t appreciate you name dropping me or my younger brother. You leave us out of this mess, because I don’t want any part of it, and I’m pretty sure none of my other siblings would either.

        Whatever problems you have with Demond is between you and him. Keep my name out of this please.

  23. Where any of you in a relationship with him? We been together since 2015 and off and on since Jan 2014. I didn’t know about any of this until this month when some woman kept calling my phone looking for him. I was wondering why he kept changing his number. This is sad.

  24. Yes, we were in an on/off relationship until I got pregnant for the second time and decided to keep this baby. Finding out he has all these children and more on the way is totally devastating!!

  25. Who are all you women? Who added me? Why is the person that added me using my deceased grandmothers name?

    I am Demond’s second oldest child. Somebody has to have the answers. WTH is going on here?

  26. How long after you meet this guy do you sleep with him? What are you all allowing him to impregnate you during your first or second encounter? For the chick that says she is pregnant with twins, you say you have an 18 month old as well, you must have let him beat immediately. And that must be the case for a lot of you women. It’s sad for you and for him. For the women that live in Houston, I don’t know why you have not met you and confronted Demond. I feel so sorry for these babies that are being and the one that have been born. He obviously needs help, but as long as you all continue to entertain him, he will continue doing what he is doing. And you all need to get tested since you are all sleeping with one another. Again, I know its so easy for us all to get caught up, but you have to hold this man accountable. Make it difficult for him to continue on.

  27. Okay so I’m one of Demonds child I’m actually his first born to be exact I’m 24 years old and I reside in Rhode Island. My name is Ciearra and I just would like to address a few things because there’s some things I agree with and some things I don’t agree with . I first want to start off by saying the person who created this and posted the link directly to my sisters page you show lack of respect you all claim to be grown and I’m not one to disrespect any adult but the fact that your being so spiteful and bringing his children and family into this mess that have nothing to even do with this man is beyond me. There’s always a way to handle situations and this situation was handled poorly. I do understand everyone’s frustrations with this man and I don’t agree with what he is doing and what he has done to people in the past it’s not right but there’s better ways to go about things. Trust me I know this man is no good he walked out of my life when I was just a kid I was only 11 I didn’t know any better I was hurt every child especially a girl needs that father figure in their life he should have been a better role model someone that I could’ve looked up to but you all have to take a min and think that bashing this man down on social media isn’t going to change the person he is. You can’t only be upset with him and in not siding with him because he’s my father he’s actually not my father he’s just the man who created me by y’all need to be mad at yourself for letting this man have this advantage over you. As I sat here and read all the comments it sounds like a lot of you have experienced the same problem but this isn’t going to change anything. A lot of you woman have children with him how would you feel if someone posted this link to your child’s page or inbox this is the part that makes me so furious because we have nothing to do with his stupid actions he’s responsible for anything he does yes he may be so sweet and charming and seemed like he cared but he doesn’t give a fuck about any of y’all or your kids and he never will trust me I know I was one of the first to be shafted by him I just find it crazy that some of you are 30, 40 and even 50 and found the time to send something so horrible like this to my sister who never even met the guy so imagine what’s going through her mind. Just know you and your children are not the only ones who are hurt we all are the ones who were here before you came along and they came about you can’t be mad at anyone but yourself you laid down with this man and let him do these things and you fell for his words I could’ve been the first to tell you he’s full of shit nobody can stop what he’s doing this has been an on going thing for years but if you believe in karma as I do trust and believe all this wrongs and the messed up things he’s done to people will come back and bite him in the ass wheather it’s tomorrow, next week or 5 years from now it’ll all catch up to him when he least expects it. I just don’t appreciate the “ex” who is behind closed doors and is vey hush hush and so secretive about who they are to send something so sick to my little sister that was wrong in every aspect no need to remind us how much of a douche bag our father is. Everyone’s so concerned about him his where abouts or where he last lived even down to his social but y’all all have children you should be more concerned about make them your priority and the spotlight and center of attention NOT HIM because at the end of the day they need you more than anything you are all they got . He doesn’t even deserve this much fame the views and comments are just heartbreaking but also ridiculous I don’t see this as a good way to make him pay for what he’s done to you all . Again I’m sorry that you have to go thru this I never wished this upon anyone because it’s not right but you have to handle things a different way like I said there a way to go about everything and thus wasn’t handled in the right manner being an adult. Some of you may agree with me and some of you may not like my opinion or what I have to say but I couldn’t bite my tongue any longer I’m going to be heard just like the rest of you wanted to be and I completely understand your pain. And I’m sorry WE all have to go through this hurt. -Ciearra Chanelle if anyone feels the need they want to contact me feel free I’m sure you all can find me without a problem.

  28. This has to be one of THEE WORSE THREADS I’ve read on this site to date! I agree with another poster “You ladies must make it difficult for him to continue on!” And for those who already have children by this “cheater” you might as well cut your loses now!! His older children are here to report that he is no good and will not be there for your current and unborn children. This is beyond’s down right FUCKED UP!!


      1. You are a bitter dirty b*tch. For you to stoop to such low levels and bring all these women including myself and post our numbers. Especially not knowing if there were sexual encounters or not. You got an issue with him, keep it with him and leave everyone else out of it. You probably were the one who put his family’s name out here too. You’re going to get yours and he will too if he deserves it. You’re a straight Internet thug and you probably don’t have a job if you did all this and still at it. You have everyone’s number, but did you call everyone? I welcome one from you. I dare you hoe, double dare you. you say the d*ck ain’t good, but it must be if you going through all this trouble.

          1. Talk what you know and what you don’t know stay hush. I think I would know he was dealing with ALL the women on the list. How, you ask? Because my number is on there and I’ve never done anything with him. SO take several fucking seats.

      2. The Truth,

        I am one of the women who’s phone numbers you posted. Please call me as I would love to speak with you. Why should we get tested????????????

        1. Trust me, you don’t want to speak to the psycho bitch. She got your number by hacking his info. She posted your number out of spite not concern. Just like she posted mine and I’ve never done anything with him. As well as other people he’s never slept with. She’s a fucking nut and you should see all the drama her ass started. Just get tested to get tested.

          1. So you know this person? This makes no sense at all, I have a 6 year old child by him and my number is posted too. I haven’t seen or heard from him years.

          2. Damn this bitch sounds crazy as hell. She posted my number too. we have a child together also, but I haven’t seen or spoken to him in a few years. I’m surprise he still has my number since he never calls my child. I washed my hands of this entire situation. I want no parts of this mess.


      1. She contacted me posing as him. I let him know and he put me on. She’s crazy and she’s on here posing as someone else as well.

        1. I find that hard to believe how some stranger would even know how to contact you or anyone else for that matter? So a stranger just contacted you and knew exactly who you were?

          1. I never said she was a stranger, what I said was she is a psycho a$$ b*tch who hacked his acct. She can’t have him to herself and doesn’t want anyone else to have him either. I spoke with crazy ass myself.



  31. I have twins by this jerk. They are 5. We are victims of this sociopath. I’m glad that he is being revealed. Continue to blast him. It may save someone’s life. This is sad. I pray for our children.

  32. Ladies, clearly Truth is scorned and is not acting rationale at the moment. However, she has to understand that she can’t hurt others due to what he has done to her. Truth, please pray. Stop, his daughter are victims too. You are going to far. Everyone who may have had some type of unsafe sexual encounter with anyone knows that they should get tested. You have now made this entire blog about you. Your destructive behavior has intensified and you will be in trouble soon. You have crossed the limit. Please stop hurting others. Seek help. Traumatic experiences cause people to react in ways we normally wouldn’t. These women can now go after you. You do have an IP address. Start a blog about healing. Women need that. He is beat. You won no matter what he has done to you or how you may feel. It is time now to love yourself. Work on being happy.

  33. I have an 11 week old baby by this mother fucking sack of shit! Of course he hasn’t seen my daughter. A Google search led me to this site! I should’ve known!!!

  34. For those of you who have children with my father I am the oldeest of them all and I may not know my siblings but however I would like to get the opportinity to meet them reguardless the situation. You can find me on facebook Ciearra Chanelle feel free to reach out and contact me

  35. Anyone who wants to reach out to me about any of my siblings feel more than welcomed you can find me on facebook Ciearra Chanelle

  36. @ WHOEVER IS POSTING COMMENTS AS THE TRUTH, YOU REALLY NEED TO STOP! The last post I put up was on 7/31. All this shit is sad and disgusting. I’m about to have 3 kids by this low life and he is still fucking woman all over the map and making more babies. Yes, I was a fool and got caught up by his charm and shit but I have moved on and just hope someone else will take heed to his disgusting ways. My number too was posted by someone claiming to be THE TRUTH. I have been tested and will continue to get tested as a precaution and everyone else should too if you had any unprotected relations with him. I don’t hate him, I just hate his ways and made my choice to move on with my life as of 7/31 when I discovered this heartbreaking site. It’s really crazy to see some women on here defending someone that we all know has a sick and disgusting issue. None of the women on here should be mad at one another when he is the one doing wrong. Think about it!

  37. Ride or Die and Bring It has to be the same ignorant dumb ass. Look at the ignorant shit that is being said! Who do you wanna fight? All the women on here for calling you dumb for riding with a low life. You ain’t about that life. You think he want you guess again, from the looks of it he wants all the numbers listed too! @ An Ex, you are right he likes fat girls!

    1. Well, I guess I’m the exception because I’m not fat…I feel sorry for you all. And trust me I’m all the way bout it. Oh wait hold up…don’t sit on me fat girls. Lmao.

  38. But I’m not the dumb one because it’s clear how he moves. The fact that yall keep falling for his stories is what’s sad. But yall keep on. I’m good. And dummy, I never said I wanted to fight anyone. I would never fight a chick over some nucca, my nucca, your nucca…Gurl please. Yall up here all in your feelings. I would never do this shit to my Baby daddy, if you don’t wanna be around then be ghost and that’s how you should feel about him. If yall were really smart, you all would see that the blame needs to be placed on all of you including him because that’s what I’ve been saying. How many of you all were in a long term committed relationship before having protected sex, or allowing him to release in you, or saying let me have his baby? Yall are just as sick as he is. You all got caught up….it happens. I’ve been there.

  39. This thread was peaceful until Ride or Die brought her ghetto ass in here talking shit and riding hard for a low life scum piece of shit!

    And, bitch, I don’t suck dick! Ask your man, he will be the first to confirm…that’s YOUR job!!

    1. And I have no problem doing it. It’s 2016 and you don’t suck d*ck?…scratches head and looks confused…then that’s probably why you got played. But I know you’re lying so maybe you just need to step your game up. And again, I’ll ride hard for any nigga I want. I don’t know why you are so affected by what I say when you don’t know me. I’m laughing and you mad. Lmao

  40. Ladies, if you want the name and info of the individual who posted your phone number on here and is posing as “the truth” please respond to this post. She is an individual who is clearly upset and is being malicious instead of being concerned and looking out for you all. She is adding fuel to the fire based on what you ladies are saying. Again, if you want her contact info,I will give it to you. Also be careful because she may assume the relationship with this dude is more than what it is and post not just your number, but pics too like she did me. Ladies, tell me should I stoop to her lever and put her stuff of here? Give me advice. Mind you ladies all for a dude that does not want her and who she has never slept with, but gave head to. She also contacted me via phone and if I wanted to have a 3some. Bih, please….I’m not interested in sleeping with you or him.

  41. RIDE OR DIE aka Satwant Rahkiah Stewart is a crazy bald headed, bad built bitch that crossed the line by sending my family a threatening text. She got my information from Demond and they have crossed the line! She lives way in the Bronx, NY. As you can tell she is nuts from all the posts! If she got my number, address and place of employment from him I’m sure she got your information from him as well. Now we all know how those numbers got posted on here and now she is posting as “PISSED OFF”. @ RIDE OR DIE you crossed the line you crazy bitch and nobody takes threats lightly! This thread was clearly about Demond and you brought me and all these other women into it. I’m not one of his baby mama’s but I did deal with him for short time but saw too many inconsistencies with him and knew he was no good. I was going to allow this man to move in with me this month and this crazed nut RIDE OR DIE saved me from the biggest mistake of my life by texting me and threatening my family! I’m sure If you google her name you will find pics of this bald bad built manly looking thing.

    1. Girl, I just saw her pictures online when I googled “Demond Love.” Now I see why she’s his “Ride or Die!” I’m laughing like shat because this bish is on here talking like she’s a beautiful model type chick when she looks like a damn man! Girl, get thee fuck!

      @Ride or Die: Yeah, we know you’re playing it real cool to keep him around cause you love that dick, but bitch, you will soon see his wicked ways. You’ve been warned! However, we all know you won’t take heed. You’re vexed by that scum bag!

    2. Wow, Satwant R Stewart looks EXACTLY like one of Demond’s other baby mommas. He clearly has a type… Fat and manly type chicks. Hilarious!

  42. No hate. People had lived before this liar came in and tucked them up. Maury is on deck I talked to them today if you want to really stop this nights madness go global. Leave me your email or number. Ill give it to the lady at Maury.

  43. I fell hard for Demond, however, I don’t think he is capable of loving anyone because he is so broken himself! I really wanted to be with this man; but I’m thankful I didn’t get too caught-up!

    I’m sad to see he has hurt so many others, including his congregation of children.

  44. I recently met this man on pof. I live in Seattle and he told me he recently moved to a city about 20 minutes from me to help his sister with his nephews. I sent his photos to a friend of mine in Omaha who ironically also met him on pof in Omaha where he told her he lived in live to help his sister with his nephews. She noticed he changed his state on pof to whichever one he was driving through. When she confronted him he blocked her. I sent him the picture from this site and asked if it wasn’t him he immediately deleted his profile. I guess we were lucky.

  45. At first I wasn’t going to comment but since someone felt the need to put my phone number on here. I will say this. We all have had some type of encounter with Demond. Whether good or bad. Apparently whoever put our numbers on blast on the damn internet is in her feelings. U need to be woman enough accept what happened pray on it and move on. U could’ve texted us or something this internet shit is something that follows folks around and for u to put personal phone numbers on here is not the business at all. We all at some point made a choice to deal with him however we did and now some of us are left with more than hurt feelings behind it. As u see he doesn’t even fuck with his own kids so why would this man have any remorse for anything else. The person known as @the truth. U really need to take everyone’s number down. Move on and get out your feelings booboo. Like everyone else said in other comments ya made at each other for shit this nigga doing. I last dealt with him this year a few months back and talked to him since. No point in dwelling in what he did and being angry. Get tested. Move on.

  46. someone mentioned that he preys on fat lonely women with children, and I find this to be true. he spiked my friends drink, so he could phuck! He ended up impregnated her with his seed. Now he is nowhere to be found. Be careful who you meet and lay with. There’s no telling what kind of diseases this heartless bastard is carrying.

  47. So you’re saying he raped her? He’s actually not that hard to find with all this info on her about him. His Social Security is here. Track his behind down and press charges.

  48. This motherfucker is a piece of work! He is a manipulative polygamist! Not only does Demond have over 25 children with 20+ baby mothers, he has multiple wives!! You ladies might as well cut you losses and get tested. He will reap what he has sown, eventually. I feel sorry for this low-life! His parents failed him big time!!

  49. Okay this thread has really gone to Sh*ts

    I’m the real Ex and I guess someon started using my name in here. I’m in Houston and would really like for my son to know his siblings in Houston. I gave up on trying to help child support find Demond. I just pray that my son doesn’t end up like this guy. He is sick in the head and I do see some of his ways in my boy and I stay trying to shape him.

  50. This is the most disturbing thread I’ve seen in my life. I too am yet another woman that had the misfortune of encountering Demond. He was very charming when we met and always here being a “good man” when we were together. I’m a bit confused by the women that say he used them for money because he never asked me for a dime and I’m very well off,not rich but far from struggling. As a matter of fact, he waa always giving me money and paying bills. We were in a relationship (well that’s what was said lol). But just as so many of you ladies have described, he did the same thing to me. First it started with changing phone numbers. He even wanted me to change mine! He said he wanted a fresh start and to leave the past in the past. I was a bit alarmed by the pace he wanted to move into the relationship…like we met on POF, talked on the phone for a week, went on two dates in the next two weeks and he was claiming love at first sight by the 4th week. I thought ot was weird because I have never been in love that fast. I always had an eyebrow raised with him because my intuition kept coming into play whenever I looked at the big picture. Anyway, I fianlly gave in and fell for him. Biggest mistake of my life! I ended up pregnant by him and as soon as I told him I was pregnant, he did 360 and dropped me like a bad habit. He did some pretty malicious sruff to me while I was pregnant. I ended up losing the baby. He came back a few times but never did we work out anything. I’m so thankful I dodged thia bullet. It took me two years to heal from the hurt this man caused me but I’m over it now. My heart goes out to all the ladies in this thread who weren’t able to walk away with no ties, whether it be baboes or disease. I pray that he ia caught before he ruins too many more lives.

  51. The way this man turned on me after our fun-filled weekend of drinks and sex was devastating! The dick was extraordinary for me as I’ve never experienced that size or length in my life! However, it wasn’t worth the depression I had gone through after the fact.

    I still have a lock of his hair.

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