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Demetris Ttaipis, Illinois – Con Man

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We met many times near the Grant Park in Chicago over the past 12 weeks, and many times he tells me sweet things.I feel attracted to him and we begin to see each other almost every few days each week until I see him out one night walking with another female. He said he’s roomates with this woman and she is a student so they help one another, and they work together? Interestingly strange perhaps?? I sense deceit and realise he is much more involved and find out he operates Chicago Segway Tours business. After realizing he has obviously cheated in the past and not clear if he has a wife still or not, leaving this one alone for good . Its amazing how immature men can be.I am sorry for him, he is very disturbed and a phenomenal con man( liar ), no more i don’t know who you are……….

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