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Dedrick Johnson Dickinson, Texas

First Name : Dedrick
Last Name : Johnson
Gender : M
Age : 33
City : Dickinson
State : TX
Country : US
Email :
Alias 1 : DJ
Website 1 : click to view website

Dedrick Johnson is a horrible person. He has cheated on every woman he has been involved with. Dedrick is known for stealing from others and using them for his own benefit. Dedrick is a compulsive liar. He lacks education and struggles with life due to his limited mental capabilities.

Dedrick is known in the community for being a deadbeat dad that only engages with his children when he has a girlfriend. He is behind in child support and is currently looking for someone to help him catch up. Whenever he is single, he does not care about anyone but himself and could care less about visiting his children. He needs others to take care of him and since graduating from highschool, he’s never cared for himself. Everyone that has ever tried to help him, has been screwed over.

Dedrick has racked up bills on multiple people’s cell phone bills. He’s beaten several women and been arrested for assault twice. Hes also been arrested for failure to pay child support. When he’s arrested, he lies and has someone bail him out. He promises to pay them back through work or with money but ultimately never does. He’s stolen from people he resided with. He’s never had his own place and continues to house hop. He’s currently shacking up with a couple and their child. Dedrick pretends to enjoy children but displays pedophilic behavior by pursuing children in highschool. Keep him away from your children.

He is narcissistic and his entire family refuses to deal with him. The one’s that engage with him, do so only to push him off on other individuals. They refuse to assist him because he’s screwed them over repeatedly, as well.

Dedrick has no remorse for his actions. He refuses to apologize when wrong and only says sorry when it’s clear he’s going to lose belongings or the person refuses to care for him anymore. He is a manipulator. He’s sole purpose in life is to get someone else to do something for him. Everything he’s done is to benefit himself. He fake cries and often threatens to commit suicide to make someone feel bad for him. He’s threatened to kill himself on multiple occasions but it is all just a show to get the person to feel guilty. He’s far to scared to ever harm himself. He just says that so a person will stop hounding him about something, will buy him food, will pay his Bill’s, will let him stay at their house or will listen to him. Once you disagree with Dedrick or stops believing his lies, he does everything in his power to convince everyone that you are the “crazy” person, not him. If you ask him, everyone he’s interacted with is crazy. Dedrick has no type because he preys on anyone that will take care of him. The insecure women put up with his micropenis because they lack self esteem for themselves. By engaging with insecure women, Dedrick is able to have control over them.

Dedrick is irresponsible which explains why he currently owns nothing of his own. He will blame everyone else for his failures when he is indeed the cause of his own problem. He absolutely owns nothing but the clothes on his back.

He engages in risky behavior and his need for instant gratification will always impact his life. He is a child in a grown man’s body and it’s unfortunate the world has to be subjected to the likes of someone like himself.

Please beware, Dedrick has contracted several STIs and has no problem having unprotected s*x with others and spreading diseases.

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