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Debra jeannette parsel/lovell

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Her maiden name is debra parsel from arizona and she was married before abd her name was debra delay. You must understand she is an evil person and ALL of her family will verify. She is under investigation by DFAC for facilitating her 14 yr old daughters relationship with a 24 yr old woman who uses cocaine and heroine. Debra is the most evil person i know. Speaking of sociopaths this woman truly has mental illness, her mothet, brothers an d entire extended family can testify to way more than this review. She is motivated by sex, sex with the homeless, sex with your husband, sex with anyone, even with no teeth. Ask david bremiller and his pill heads, they each took their turns. She is extremely dirty as in hygiene, she has dirty as in hygiene, she has taken a shit, not wiped and wanted to be fucked doggy style, disgusting I know. Folks it’s impossible to make this up, ITS THE TRUTH. Look at her closely and you will see and certainly smell the truth. Prove me wrong, she has no friends, only those that she has recently met. She has stole and taken from everyone she has befriended. This will include you. Call her mother, her name is jackie parsel-sherrill from Phoenix Arizona. Debra currently refuses to shower and will fuck anyone in the Georgia or surrounding areas. I can promise you she is evil and has never shown remorse or regret for anything, she always is the victim and she had facilitated a sexual drug relationship betweem her 14 yr old daughter and a 25 yr old woman, you believe this review you do well, you doubt it your in for a rude awakening, i know from experience. Now if your a sick bastard or bitch and like shit during sex then THIS Woman, she goes by debra delay, debra parsel, debra lovell or debra jeannette lovell is for you, she has teeth but when u see them it should be the first indication she is sick, who in the hell is so irresponsible they let their teeth rot?! ANSWER the above reviewed child in a very old and worn looking body. Search for david bremiller on google, you will see and just look at what she fucks. He has no teeth and you want this skank

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  1. 494 people have educated themselves about DEBRA PARSEL LOVELL AND DAVID BREMILLER, wtg and hopefully millions will know about this skank, i have proof of her conspiracy to jail her hisband, the dope and pill deals, the cheating and sex, its all true

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