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Dean Willard Day Kansas City MO

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He wasn’t my man ever. But i lived with him and he would creep into my room at night drunk and high on meth and have his small little dick out waving it in my face telling me to suck it. He would spit on me for watching music videos with hot guys and demand it to be turned. He demanded not asked for but demanded sex from me and when i refused he would spit on me or hit me. He would try to use machetes and guns as intimidation methods to get me to sleep with him. He scammed my family, friends and gma out of $1,000 for my living expenses but he was telling me he never got any money. He controlled, manipulated, lied,spit on me, hit me. He had a stupid remote for the heater and he would leave and turn the heat off so id be so cold while he was gone but hell barely noticed cause i magically went to sleep anytime he had to leave and i couldn’t go. He sold my car and was generous enough to let me gamble with the cash earned from that even offers to buy me a pair of boots. Shit thought he was being nice then later find out it was my car money. Every phone call monitored. No internet access unless he could be there to see what i did. He even called my parole officer and told her due to my anxiety we had to meet in public spot so i had meetings with my officer at McDonald’s with him listening in from the next table. Leaving was forbidden and so was company unless it was a hooker or a friend of mine who would put out. If you did get fed up and say fuck it and leave nothing could go with you and you got 5 minutes before he called the cops and said you broke your probation. Cold out, he dont give a fuck take off the shoes and socks and no coat. Well that night hypothermia was much appreciated along with the overnight hospital stay over having some short pot bellied gnome looking angry like shaking and bright red angry little dicked dude chasing ya around begging for and forcing sex. Thank god he gets so off on you saying get off me and stop and resisting that he cums before he gets anywhere near your vagina so no penetration! Yay that nasty little dick didnt get inside me! And bitch plays it smart he makes sure to never get cum on you can’t be getting evidence for us to prove assault. How dare a woman with a criminal record and mental illness accuse this scammer manipulator liar abuser rapist narccisst psychopath of ever doing being a piece of shit. His coffee sucks 1 cup later and your knocked out asleep. Who wants coffee to go to bed? Gotta give him props he tried making the drinks and food extra special but i prefer my drinks without the added ingredients and same witb my food. It i wanted to go play good girl with you i would do it on my own. But you like em protesting and or sleep.
And this is just the stuff im ok with sharing. Dont mess with him period. Not worth it. All he has is nasty hotel rooms a good ass scam to get money and drugs everyday.

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