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David W. Kincaid. Cincinnati, Ohio

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David has been and always will be a woman hating cheater. He treated his high school girlfriends like dirt; had a new one every few weeks or so. Met his exwife in a sexfest with his female cousin. Yes, he was shacking up with his cousin. And married a woman he met during a gang bang. Cheated on his now exwife so many times, but when she cheated too he started abusing her. She finally divorced him and sent him packing back home to his mom in Ohio where he and his best friend from high school started picking up random women off POF, at seedy bars, local strip clubs, etc and took them home, slept with them, traded the women back and forth only to kick them out sometimes without their clothes. This went on until he met a woman his job. They ended up married with a baby within a year of meeting. But it didn’t last long. He cheated on her with a bunch of women at their job including a married woman who rumor has it left her husband for him. His wife left him and from looking at her Facebook she’s active with local women’s groups for victims of domestic violence so he probably knocked her around like he did his first wife and his high school flings. He appears to live with his married girlfriend but just like always, she’s not his only girlfriend. David is back to dating a couple women in Dayton while living in Cincinnati, dating this married woman and dating another woman from work. (Both are social workers)

For real, what’s so great about this man? He hits women. Uses them. Throws them away. And then plays the victim. Run the other direction. And fast. Ew.

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