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David, Michael, Ellis. Lawrence, MA Middlesex county

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David Ellis who lies about where he is from and what he does on the internet is an ex con and a liar and a cheater.
He has also been abusive in the past. By that I mean he gave me a black eye and I chose to drop the case. He is manipulative and a liar.
I am being nice on her and not exposing all of his dirty secrets if you can believe it! David Ellis, 42 originally from Wilmington, MA now lives
in Lawrence, MA, but says he lives in Andover, MA as well as Lawrence. David Ellis also says he is a lase technician and owns a laser business, he does not. His mother does. He has been in & out of federal prison for the past 18 years. He often lies about his last name as well. David Oliveri is a name he also goes by. He will say he lived in Miami for awhile. That i true, however he was incarcerated the entire time. I have known David for 14 years lived with him and dated him for years. I know more about David Ellis than his own family does. He can be a very charming man and he is a very loyal friend to his male friends, but he will sleep with anyone.

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