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David Flynn, Hartville, Ohio

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David Flynn is a selfish and narcissistic person. He only cares about himself and is very cheap. He makes good money but lies to women to have us pay for him. He makes rude comments without thinking about what he is saying and hurting other’s feelings. I have caught him in many lies and feel foolish for believing his lies.


2 thoughts on “David Flynn, Hartville, Ohio

  1. To whoever posted this ! Please contact me via Facebook . My initials are K T F u can find me on his list of friends. I have a sunset view on my picture. Only one that has that. I just would like to speak to u. Please

    1. The reason he has no money is he has a wife and two kids to support!!! I am assuming u didn’t realize that! I would surely appreciate it if u would contact me as advised above! I would like to be advised of this relationship! what lies were told! is this a joke ? Is this a false posting?

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