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David Dyke Austin Texas Huawei

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David Dyke in Austin, Texas is the undisputed SEXTING king in America. David Dyke makes Anthony Wiener look like an amateur. LOL! David Dyke who works as a recruiter for Huawei uses his company issued laptop and cell phone to do all these naughty things. David Dyke is 59 years old and he is always on SnapChat, Tinder, etc. flashing his manhood (and pics of his anus) to hordes of young teenage girls (and even some young boys!). Ewww. Yuck. David Dyke claims to be a handsome bachelor but he is anything but. David Dyke has been married and divorced twice and has 4 kids that we know of. David Dyke is the perfect case-in-point reason why old geriatric geezers need to stay away from social media, smartphones, webcams and computers in general!!!

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