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Darren Ambler Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey

First Name : Darren
Last Name : Ambler
Gender : M
Age : 42
City : Cherry Hill Township
State : NJ
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (215)681-7559
Alias 1 : "Busted Balloon"
Alias 2 : "Baby wee wee"
Alias 3 : "Ape Face"
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website
Website 3 : click to view website

Darren Ambler/ Male Prostitute-Cheater/S*x & Drug addict/ P***o addict- Herpes Infected-Liar-Illegitimate Children/ Sociopath/ Abusive/ Rape/ Threatening Behavior/Foul Mouthed/Incompetent Parent-Child support/NJ: Check out newest information websites that tell the story of a sick demented s*x and drug addict that will keep spreading his filthy Herpes and continue his obsession with Prostitutes and Men with nice packages.


Darren Ambler is a S*x addict and big time Drug abuser. He is also an internet addict- junkie in search of dirty S*x- Bondage- Prostitution and anything associated with P*********y or dirty- sick and sinful s*x. Darren Ambler is a sick sociopath with no scruples- morality- class- manners and he is a total scum bag. Darren has no sense and acts like an immature girl. He must learn there is a price to pay for bad behaviors. Darren is a total low life- classless- piece of immoral “GARBAGE”!

Plus Darren Ambler is as Homely as Mud and he has Zero Personality or appeal. Grotesque in every way. He is an absolute “BUSTED BALLOON” in the bedroom. He is mentally sick and deranged. An out of control S*X addict and Heavy Drug abuser and dealer. An Idiot!!

Darren may also suffer from possibly bi polar disorder and split personality disorder. He has a host of mental problems aside from his sick obsession with s*x. Another trait of Darren Ambler is that he is a habitual liar and P*********y addict. The poor dork probably never had a women his whole youth. The homely sociopath drove his former wife away. Who could stand a low class filthy minded liar. Many on line organizations have referred to Darren Ambler as Evil- a sexual deviant.

Darren Ambler has no conscience and he lives in his own sick drugged out and sexual based world. Darren has children that must be removed from his care before it’s too late. Male Prostitutes that take drugs- lie- rape women and are obsessed with p*********y make bad and unfit parents. Darren Ambler is a slime ball and certainly unfit.

Darren screwed probably with hundred or more women within the past few years. Darren Ambler would screw anything that moves and probably has. Very ugly- desperate and demented. I learned that the Police are fully aware about Darren Ambler and his actions.

Darren has screwed hookers- senior citizens- divorced women- single women- old maids- madams- mistresses etc. All agree poor Darren Ambler is a ZERO or Failure in the bedroom. Darren loved Graphic s*x and Bondage. He enjoys s*x with men on occasion. He would do anything to satisfy his sick s*x drive. Darren Ambler impregnated several women. Two women had abortions because they did not want Darren’s baby. Two or more illegitimate children exist and they are Darren’s children. My daughter is Darren’s child. Plus- I learned another former mistress of Ugly Darren had a son by him.

Darren is infected and has spread herpes and chlamydia to at least 14 women maybe more. These ladies want justice. I only want child support in which my baby and I deserve. Darren is a low life and lives in his own fantasy world. Darren thinks he beat the law but he is wrong. Prostitution is illegal and if you father a child the Law says you must pay child support. Darren thinks he is above the law. Darren needs S*X lessons and he desperately needs “ male organ surgery”. He looks like an infant from the waste down. Darren has brain damage from drugs and booze. I know he threatened and beat me many times. He forced his dirty drugs upon me before s*x. Darren is a sick and evil sociopath.

Darren is a loser . On a scale of 1-10 he rates about a minus 50. Has nothing appealing. He loves Heroin- Cocaine- weed- pills and plenty of booze. Darren Ambler is a pharmacist And has easy access to drugs. Bad profession for a lying drug addicted s*x freak.

Darren “Demented” Ambler has been exposed for what he is: He is a con man and an evil Devil. The evil s*x addict lives at 12 Westbury Dr in Cherry Hill- NJ: Darren is full of sexual disease. His internal organs are decaying rapidly. Probably due to infection and simply evil hate. Darren better pay up for all these illegitimate kids he created and grow up. Darren is a homely skinny zero without a muscle in his 130 pound body. BEWRE Darren is crazy to begin with. When he is high on dope his behavior is much worse and frightening. He is obsessed with nudity and p*********y. My G*d who knows what sick things he may even do to children when he is alone with them.

Help place demented Darren Ambler where he belongs in the city “DUMP” . Darren has no interests except S*X and watching P***o and Dirty s*x and P***o A very sick and mentally incompetent homely creep. If you have an illegitimate child by this poor excuse for a human being fight for child support through the courts. Remember Darren has at least 3 STD’s that have been verified.

*Please also check out the following/ keep yourself safe and free from disease and mentally deranged s*x addicts high on Drugs and Booze.

Darren Ambler/Cherry Hill NJ/ Immature Bi Sexual/Male Prostitute/S*x & Drug addict/Herpes Carrier/Illegitimate children/ Brain Damaged/Low life/ P***o addict

Darren Ambler/Cherry Hill NJ/ Immature Bi Sexual/Male Prostitute/S*x & Drug addict/Herpes Carrier/Illegitimate children/ Brain Damaged/Low life/ P***o addict*x-addictpsycho-stdscherry-hill-nj-26

Darren Ambler – Prostitute, STD Carrier, Drug & S*x Addict (Cherry Hill, NJ)

(UPDATE): Darren Ambler- Sociopath-Liar- S*x & Drug Addict- Prostitute-STD Carrier- Herpes/Chlamydia:Abortion/Unfit Parent-Cherry Hill-NJ:*x-drug-addict-male-prostitute-herpes-carrier-bi-sexual-p***o-addict-mental-case-pathological-liar-rapist-illegitimate-children-cherry-hill-nj/

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