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Darren Ambler Cherry Hill, New Jersey

First Name : Darren
Last Name : Ambler
Gender : M
Age : 41
City : Cherry Hill
State : NJ
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (215)681-7559
Alias 1 : Darren Scott Ambler
Alias 2 : "Lucifer"
Alias 3 : "Busted Balloon"
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website
Website 3 : click to view website

SATAN COMES IN MANY FORMS AND IS TRUELY VISIBLE IN THE WORLD- MORE AND MORE EACH DAY! Satan Represents pure “Evil” “Selfishness”- Self- Loathing’- “Disrespect” toward mankind. In addition, Satan may also represent “Terrible” “Sexual Sins and Lust” that dam one in Hell for all of Eternity. Some feel that Darren Ambler may be Satan’s Helper. Darren Ambler is a crude- Vile- Selfish- Vulgar Devil with a filthy vulgar mouth- Foul Language- Obsessed with Dirty and Disrespectfu Sex as well as Pornography. Darren is an extreme case- Evil to the core. Darren is unique in that he has absolutely no remorse for his actions and he has slandered and “bashed” several on the Internet.

Ladies- Do not be Tricked by this “Satan”- Over Sexed- Vulgar – Liar or you will be very sorry. Darren Ambler represents Evil- Sexual Sin- Pornography- Vulgar & Degrading Sex- Bondage- Cross Dressing- Mutilation and exploitation of sacred body parts: Just like the “Devil”- Darren Ambler has one interest- HIMSELF. Satisfying his sick and selfish Lust and pornographic sexual desires. Darren is so sick and evil he fully enjoys Degrading and abusing females of all ages including seasoned Prostitutes and vulnerable lonely women. Darren Ambler is so EVIL he can never be Trusted in any way- shape or form and he has not a Truthful bone in his UGLY and Malnourished rotted out body. Remember- Darren Ambler has horrible garbage breath and he has something going on Internally that is causing his organs to rapidly decay and give off a sickening stench. Maybe a serious Punishment from GOD above.
Darren Ambler is the “Devil” because he has not a truthful bone in his scrawny gross body: He is all about Lies- Self Gradification- Sinful Sex and Pornography and “Tricking” and deceiving one into his dirty and sinful bed for Intercourse and dirty Pornography. Darren Ambler instead of keeping a low profile- he does the opposite as if he enjoys attention and being labeled a Playboy with no Morals.
Darren Ambler has made it known that he has had sex with Prostitutes and a variety of other females as if it is no “big deal’. He has openly called former sexual partners filthy names on line as if he has every right: Darren Ambler has used and degraded women for sexual purposes and seems like he enjoys advertising this fact. Darren Ambler is an EVIL- NARCISSIST who hurts and even tries to destroy others. Just like the Devil or Lucifer does. Darren Ambler has given STD’s to more than 8 women and has no remorse about that either . Sexual Diseases are pure “EVIL” according to the Bible. Those who committ sins of this nature will be dammed and severely punished with Fire and Torment. Darren Ambler is a slime and a big disgrace to humanity. He has no respectability- class- moral fiber- manners-conscience and he is quite UGLY inside and outside just as the DEVIL is. Apparently- Darren Ambler is Guilty of carelessly impregnating a former “Lover” during one of his sexual and pornographic flings and the women aborted the child. Darren Ambler has yet another sin on his soul. Darren Ambler refused to acknowledge the child and did not offer any assistance financially to abort this fetus. I think all would agree Darren Ambler is a Misfit- an Evil and Sick Entity. No one would want to be Darren Ambler on Judgement day.
Saddest part of all this- Darren Ambler has Children. Pray for the children. How could an Evil- Seflish- Sexually addicted person like Darren Ambler provide guidance, discipline, truth and moral standards for children when he has none himself? IMPOSSIBLE. How can this Devil Darren Ambler teach a child right vs wrong in an already corrupt world IMPOSSIBLE! How could Darren Ambler teach his children about God and living life like a Christian when in fact Darren Ambler is the Devil himself with probably no belief in a God. Answer- Impossible. Pray for these poor children for they were unfortunate when they got a selfish – evil sex addict and drug abuser for a daddy!

Darren Ambler may tell these children that Prostitution is acceptable and Pornography is a healthy part of life: Remember- Porn is a favorite of Darren Ambler. One thing Darren Ambler will never have is an adequate male organ. Actually- Darren is an embarrassment regardless- when in the nude Darren Ambler is an laughable joke. One could go on laughing for an eternity once looking at “Crazy Darren” in the “Buff:”! At least one can have a good healthy laugh!!!

Remember Darren Ambler …aka Lucifer will back stab anyone who goes against his sinful ways or anyone who threatens to expose his prostitution and pronography lifestyle. BEWARE. Lucifer has no feelings or remorse neither does his helper Darren Scott Ambler. If you do allow Mr. Darren Ambler….aka Devil to trick you into his bed then you are risking your Health and your precious life. You may have a good “laugh” once the Devil removes his clothes but you may also be risking your life and it is not worth it. Darren Ambler resides at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill New Jersey.

5 thoughts on “Darren Ambler Cherry Hill, New Jersey

  1. Scary, but I do agree completely. This guy is selfish and probably knows nothing about real relationships. This is why he hops from one bed to another. Sad that one has to live their life that way. YES- Lucifer or the Devil is consumed with evil thoughts- sexual degrading thoughts and actions just like this Darren. I don’t know weather this evil and sinful lifestyle is by choice, a result of your upbringing or he was just born a bad seed with evil corrupt ways already inside of him at birth. People like this are not capable of reform or change. Best to get as far away as possible from these poisonous evil liars. No good whatsoever will come to anyone who elects to be associated with evil trash like this. From what i have read this Darren is very bad in bed. Why doesn’t he just give it up. Face the fact he is an evil loser who no one wants to be around or with. I am sure the “world” knows his game and they have every right to know and protect themselves from harm and danger.

    Usually- Evil scum like this ends up in a mental hospital or worse dead. Sometimes these people carry so much disease they are Isolated in hospitals so no one else comes in contact with them. Thank you for the helpful information.

  2. YES- he could be Satan working to further corrupt the morals of society. It seems- this homely predator devil temps one into filthy sex acts in attempt to degrade the person and at the same time get his sexual thrills. That is a one Evil and Selfish Devil.

  3. I think it is true that the Devil represents all that is evil including “Free Sex”- “Degrading & using females to satisfy male lust”- “Pornography”- “Bondage”- “Satanic Practices”! Yep- all destructive and evil acts that destroy ones inner soul and place them on the road to eternal damnation. I am not God but It seems this Darren Ambler paved his own way to damnation with the Devil. Sexual sins and Pornographic thoughts and actions will without a doubt place a person in HELL. Perfect place for them.

  4. It is a real shame that this Sexual deviant has children. There is no way an evil sex addict like this can act in such an unacceptble- immoral fashion and teach these kids anything important or useful. It is Impossible. Certainly- over time his scandalous- indecent behaviors will surely spill over into his parenting skills. This guy is sick with a capital “S”!! Maybe the best thing is to hope and pray he does something worse that lands him in jail. If that happens the kids will automaticlly be taken out of his custody permanently which would be a God-send. The court system has little tolerance for Indecent Prostitutes and someone obsessed with pornography. They will look toward the best interest of the children in question. The court does not give a hoot about Darren Ambler. But the kids deserve a decent and loving parent. There is no way someone as described here could ever meet that criteria.

  5. I agree with Courtney. I do feel this guy is sick to a degree. In spite of what he might say if asked- if he really and truly loved his children he would never have engaged in such indecent behavior. One day if the children find out about his past indiscretions what will he do lie to the children if they ask him. Lying is another wrong. This kind of thing could confuse and end up psychologically damaging children when they get older. The children will get hurt. If a parent really loves their child they should avoid doing anything out of line or anything that could hurt the child weather it is today or on 10 years from now. This guy obviously did not think of that and probably still does not. Being that said- this guy deserves whatever he gets. Certainly- his bad behavior and all the recognition it received on the Internet will certainly not serve to help him or his reputation.

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