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Darin Surma, Munster, Indiana

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You are such a loser. Your husband is such a cheater. His own daughter caught him in the act with Karen. I heard the mother of his children did also. ( was it you or someone else) Because you know he was married when you began pursuing him and trying to discredit his wife whom was providing care for the children, working full time and going to school. I bet you could not do this . I hope your son remembers what you did to this family. They were really messed up and considered cheating natural. After you he will ruin his family like you ruined darin’s. and by the way his previous wife was soo much more beautiful. you look like a dude compared to her. And she is soo much more educated than you are. THAN HIS GOD promised WIFE I hope when you meet your maker he says cheating was the not the right thing to do. And you will suffer as well as your grandchild and son because of the things you have done. You are a Joke. Investigate Karen from Hammond she has been going to layfayette with Darin for about 5 years. I heard his daughter caught them in the act. For along time he was distant but yet he convinced her his indiscretions were eveyone elese’s fault, What a piece of shit. I heard Karen’s husband has aides symptoms I would really be worried. He is really taking you for granted. But what comes around goes around. You will have to answer to your maker what you did to Darins wife and family Good Luck It will surely come back to you ten fold.

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