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darin richard heady ventura ca

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he is a lying cheater who has no remorse. constantly has 2,3 & FOUR women at same time. They think they are the only one!!! he has dirty mouth no teeth & very small flaccid penis. he has to take drugs to get it up. this person pretends to be in love all the while laughing at his victims. Also HUGE porn & sex addictions sick porn like kids, animals etc eeewww. On a million sex hook up web sites & a big piece of shit in general 1051 Montaulk lane ventura ca he also tried to have sex with my daughter & her friends

2 thoughts on “darin richard heady ventura ca

  1. I know who he is….you are right hes a big piece o shit. Tries to be “with it” but looks like an old fool instead. I have seen him out with different women when I know hes in a relationship. He is a piece of garbage

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