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Danielle Yeargin, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

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This “woman” wanted to date me. I had to leave the area but wanted us to continue to get to know each other. We kept things going long distance. She practically pleaded with me to come back and visit asap. I was working a lot and taking care of sick family members (which she knew). I finally made it happen one weekend. I drove nearly four hours to reach her, and took her out for a nice dinner. I was glad to do it, I cared about her and thought she cared too. During the weekend, she proposed for us to get more intimate. I did not want to take that step yet, as I still did not know her well enough. I don’t believe in sleeping with someone until I know them well, that is just my personal preference. She seemed clearly disappointed, but assured me she understood and agreed it was best to wait. After returning home for the weekend, her demeanor towards me totally changed. She said she was not ready for any relationship but wanted to remain “friends” and continue talking. There was no indication of this until after the weekend occurred. However, I got a Facebook notice about a new post she made. It was her with standing very close beside a “friend” (whom she claims is married with kids) just days before I made the trip to see her. It was so disappointing and disgusting, considering her sob story of how she has been cheated on multiple times. While we were never an official couple, we were supposedly taking steps to get there (or so I thought). This “woman” deserves to be exposed for the fraudulent, pathetic person she really is.

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