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Danielle slater greenwood lake ny usa

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Danielle slater is a cry wolf girl. She will say you beat her up she is a raging alcoholic and major drug addict with mental issues. I made the mistake of allowing g her around my kid. Ladies watch your husband’s she has no respect for anything. I thought she was the one onlyrics tor realize she was still f*****g someones husband behind my back. She is the worse w***e and will always turn the table and act like it is the other person. You bought a house lol yeah right have fun living back at home with your psycho mom loser. I’ll make sure every man and woman out there knows the person you are men beware do not trust or friend her and ladies lock your men away.. any man who was with her I suggest you get tested because she carries an std

One thought on “Danielle slater greenwood lake ny usa

  1. Karma comes around. Do you even know how to be a normal respectful human being. Apparently age means nothing to play you. You shouldn’t be around kids and I will forever stay on top onpf your life and career being thrown untrustworthy person you are . Love yourself and stop bothering with married men or men with kids who you have an drug interactions interest in. Good luck sweetheart because you calling when my mom went into surguery a makes me not at rest.

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