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Danielle Schlapkohl. Durant. IA. USA

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She absolutely loves to make new ‘friends’, playing tennis and volleyball, wants to become a vet tech… oh, and she’s always blowing off her plans to date one of her boy toys. I discovered this because she was constantly changing plans literally minutes before we were supposed to meet up to hang out with her boyfriend (so she claimed) and I was pissed – friend for years, and our plans never got priority, despite my attempts, so one time I followed her to bitch her out in front of Ryan.
But she didn’t go to her boyfriend’s house like she said she was.
Ohhhhhh no; she drove to Walcott to the Days Inn for Christmas, where a different man met her in the lobby and followed him upstairs to his room.

Shortly after closing the door the shower came on – I heard something like “I’ll join you in there in a moment” in a dudes voice and I couldn’t believe it, went and parked at the McDonalds nearby to wait, knowing she had work that night. Like a half-hour later she came out and I think she was thumbing bills, but I’ll concede it might have been the new phone she got the week before. Talking with the boyfriend I knew (Ryan, awesome dude who lucked into her) and I learned that he thought she was working both shifts that day, and didn’t have enough time in between to hang out… a couple weeks later and I managed to sneak out of him that they definitely hadn’t done the do (sex ofc).
I could never tell him, it’d break his heart to know she lied regardless of if she actually slept with that dude he’s so trusting of her, but knowing that most if not all of her ‘something came up with my boyfriend’ excuses were likely spent seeing other dudes, I could never trust her – I’m finally coming forward with this because she’s going to college in Iowa City, and Dani and Ryan are going to try the long distance thing, and I’m hoping they break-up before she strings him along and ruins his chances at good girls while he has the chance to recover.

If it helps, her number is (563)-320-8930

2 thoughts on “Danielle Schlapkohl. Durant. IA. USA

  1. Should anyone wonder why I won’t tell him, my friendship with her ended on a sour note, and has put a little strain on my friendship with Ryan; I’d hate to point it out and have him doubt me, and then doubt anyone signs because of it. I’d rather Dani be harassed into leaving instead, so he doesn’t hate himself for not seeing the signs himself

  2. Cool story, bro. You know what would be even more interesting? If it actually happened. Don’t you think you’ve ruined her life enough? Congratulations, you’ve created a dangerously depressed girl who now can’t even focus on her college endeavors because some prick decided to make up stories about her and post them online. And as if that weren’t enough, you posted her phone number on a public site so that people stupid enough to believe you would contact her. Oh, how empowering for you. If you could do me a favor, please, I would ask you to politely excuse yourself from her life, because she’s not your business and never will be. She’s mine now, so thank you so very much for leaving me to pick up the pieces of this beautiful and broken girl.

    Have a FANTASTIC day, douchebag.

    “Ryan, the awesome dude who lucked into her”

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