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Danielle Saffran, Baltimore, Maryland

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This girl Danielle Saffran is married with 3 children and she constantly cheats on her husband Shaun Saffran and has unprotected sex with other men! When she was pregnant with their youngest child, their son, she was out having unprotected sex with other men throughout her pregnancy. Her poor husband Shaun doesn’t deserve the disgusting things she does to him. She also has slept with dam near every single guy in Morrell Park neighborhood too. She has slept with brothers, friends, you name it. She is a disgrace and so dirty! The worse part is she LOVES to have sex with other woman’s men. She deliberately goes after guys who she knows have a girlfriend/wife. Her poor husband needs to take his kids and leave this disgusting ready slore. She has the worst reputation in the Morrell Park Neighborhood too. If you go to Morrell Park, walk down the street, ask anybody walking down the street about Danielle Saffran they will tell you she is a dirty, nasty, slut who has done been ran through by every guy in Morrell Park, and because of that every female in Morrell Park and within a 20 mile radius of it wanna whip her Ass, for her sleeping with their man. To top that off when she gets confronted by a female for her being the floozy that she is, she will lie through her teeth claiming she never had sex with the person. She even hides out because of all the females who wanna whip her a**. None of the guys who have already had sex with her, want to ever again. Overall this needs to be put out there. What’s even more disgusting and just completely messed up is that her husband doesn’t even know!

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