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Danielle Inman, Dayton, Ohio – WHERE ARE YOU ?

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I want to warn all the other men out there if you are dating danielle inman, from Dayton, Ohio she is my women stay away from her and she has cheated on me and she has been gone for 30 days and has only called me one time in the 30 days. she is my paey she steals my money i have to hunt her down to get my money and call her all the time and she will not pick up the phone. I no she is cheating on me. I want to tell all the men out there to stay away from her she is my woman. if any one nos where she is plase live a commet or you can call me at 937-576-0302 my name is big john. i love danielle very much even no what she has put me i still live her with all my heart and soul. danielle for the women who i love danielle although we are apart you are forever in my heart listen to your heart i love you and miss you is that worg falling in love with was the best thing in my life i stll want this reiationship i want us keep this house you are my life don,t throw it all away i can give you attention and compliments but me who love you will give you that plus respect. honesty. trust. and loyaity. i miss your petty smill god will see us through it amen its like ill losing my girl and my freind for ever don,t tell me show me this is our life no one est you want to takl call me ill hear for you. p.s i will still love you tell the day i die for 13years amen to.danielle from her ex i lose the women that love soooo much you brick my heart it hunts soo bad ill going to be alone i want to cry cry i hopp you are happy i wish i was dead so cant love one els the way i love you i dot want now one i geast i was worg to love some one like you i true give my best is not good emff i gust gave hariey a kiss kiss and a hung hung i will miss you and the dogs your life is going down hill dot ask to cone back i not i lost my bestfriend forever and my girl its been 12years of best of my life i now i dot chet this good trust and loyaity we hade the good times and badtimes goodbuy want you ded that not ok it wast wang you dot now ho trat a man i give my life in this reiationship


I want to warn all the men out there if you are having sex with her you all will get STDS

Danielle I better not find out you are cheating on me


16 thoughts on “Danielle Inman, Dayton, Ohio – WHERE ARE YOU ?

  1. Hey I know her,,she lives next door to me. And she is engaged to this guy named Mike,God only knows she must have been there 2 0r 3 weeks,,well I hope someone reads this. dam what a cheater

      1. Hey,fat ass I’ll make you my business,,don’t run your cheating fat face,fucking cheater,and you are mad cause the world knows your a cheating ads fatty

  2. My name is Billy,,I don’t knows her man,,but last week i also was with her in bed ,,I feel so ashamed,and she had a horrible smell you know down below.she left and was gone,,well at least my nose is better, i want her to come back .love billy

    1. Billy who the fuck ru? Get real don’t know u never have…. Stop playing games and adding Drama, someone is asking u to tell these lies tell me who or I will find out in the long run who the fuck Billy and Steve really are. P.S Come push my fuckin bottoms and see how Crazy I am!!! TIC TIC TIC

  3. I met this women on eharmony by user name “pinkkitty” found out she was lying to me and this women just playing with all of us, she is a whore. I just cought her lying to me and she was going out with a man name Mike Dickerson when she was seeing me. Here is what Mike Dickerson looks like Mike you are a dumbass because you know that she is cheating on you

    1. WOW John who the fuck ever so hard to go onto my facebook page and pick from my friends list, What a LOSER u are to have that kinda time on your hands. P.S Mike says go Fuck yourself!

  4. Hey John, this is Danielle’s new boyfriend you need to leave my girlfriend alone. First off mother fucker….I know she has STDS because she told me. I dont care if she has STDS because I have STDS because my ex gave it to me years ago. Your ass is mine, and obviously you dont get any pussy, because she is beautiful. Secondly, you were the one that gave her the STDS, and ill come see you myself, and put that knife in you like a fucking nigger. You loud mouth Bitch! You can’t spell worth shit. I will be moving in the house with Danielle stay in your room our I will put that knife in you like a fucking nigger and if you call the landlord i will beat his ass

    1. you threatened someones life on a website dumb ass and the cops will see it nothing will happen to john we are waiting for both you mother fuckers

    2. I want you two cheaters to threaten,me 1 time,your both sick have fun when ur in the clink,and this man ain’t scared of punk ass nasty cheaters like you two threaten me I fucking dare you,and I will respond or yes talk any shit,makes me no difference,.bitch boy

  5. I think that all of you people are funny none of you can spell none of you know anything and crazyguy you must be special and not in a good way you don’t threaten someone on the internet and plus one of the biggest sites on the web watch when this john fellow calls the cops see u in jail u might meet bubba 😛 wish you luck lol and don’t call someone that’s smarter than u dumb. your a complete idiot . one more thing u must be a coward if you need a weapon lol.

  6. Look lies have been said on here about me, but the fact that a threat was made on John is bullshit and false! Now I have been served court papers because he feels threatened! This is bullshit and a waste of time

  7. then you should woman up and tell the truth about this crazy is maybe your little boy crazyguy should not have threatened to cut john you let it happen your just as guilty john has all the proof he needs

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