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Daniel Rhinehardt, North Carolina

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Daniel Rhinehardt is someone that no woman should date. He is abusive and dangerous. He probably knows who I am if I post this but I think it is in everyone’s interest to know what kind of person he is. The information about him has been documented so I am not telling the world anything they couldn’t find out by searching police records in the Asheville area. This information is from my personal experience and is my opinion only: Our relationship was the most horrible experience I’ve ever had with another human being. I was weak and vulnerable and he fed on that. I tried to get rid of him over and over again. I hoped he would do anything so I could get him out of my life. He eventually resorted to violence and hurt me. That was all I could take. That psychological abuse was terrible. He eventually ended up stabbing a woman on the grounds that she had no interest in him. I also heard from a close friend of his that he tried choking another woman. All of this information is public and common knowlege. There is nothing slanderous stated here that could not be found out in public record or by witnesses.

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