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Daniel JR Gonzalez

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I been with this guy for 14 years. 14 fucking yearsss. He was very insecure and I know why. He claimed his ex girlfriend cheated on him and was heart broken and dint want that. However one day before work I found his phone unlocked the day before Christmas eve. Maybe he left it like that on purpose. Anyway I found his phone and his what’s app texts to a bunch of different girls not just one. I kept my word and never cheated on him . He even had videos of them with him in it even naked pictures in their house. Beware hell do anything for you to prove he’s a good guy and that he’s all about you. He’s a drug dealer from the Bronx on 179st grand coco use he goes by his given Name JR his real name is Daniel Gonzalez Jr. He’s a red bone Puerto Rican boricua who runs trains on girls. He got mad body’s with husband , boyfriends or not. He recently wanted a kid with me and I’m glad I din’t get pregnant. Hell lie about his past like he never did anything that was low like take Losts in girls like he only ducked and messed with bomb ads bitches. While at work hell be down the block from me on Fordham road in a hotel. BEWARE OF JR , jruger,donte gonzo Daniel gonzalez, Jr461

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