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Daniel Colin Wanless Smith

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This man is a real piece of work.
His MO –

He is a serial cheat from 14 years old. Has 5 kids to 3 different women and started at 15 getting his school girlfriend pregnant. You don’t get told any of this when you meet him though.
He plays the victim by telling you the ex (usually actually the current one) girlfriend cheated on him, was emotionally abusive to him, didn’t love him, treated him badly and spent all his money. He will tell you she won’t leave him alone, she is constantly texting him. He’ll really get you feeling for him. He’ll sweep you off your feet though, presents, constant attention, declarations of love and a marriage proposal within 6 weeks. He’ll also tell you he’s not allowed access to his children and how this breaks him. Oh and that he was a paratrooper in the army.

In the first few weeks he’s just literally walked out of a relationship with another woman he’s in, whilst chatting to you. Once he knows you’re hooked he’ll just drop the last one, even if she’s the mother of his kids. This obviously leads to the dropped one wondering what the hell is going on and texting/ringing – he’s often just walked out and left responsibilities and belongings behind too. But you’ll be told she’s a phsycho and won’t leave him alone and broke his heart by cheating with his mate and he caught her.
Then you’ll start to notice things, he’ll disappear all of a sudden, family member in hospital, helping a mate – and then if you get suspicious he’ll reassure you totally and offer explanations and to prove it.
When this continues, and you get suspicious and don’t buy his lies quite as much he’ll become defensive, nasty and verbally abusive, accuse you of cheating on him. Then he’ll be sorry and contrite and say it’s because he’s been cheated on. When in actual fact he’ll be going back to the ex, and filling you full of shit.
When said ex gets in touch with you and it all comes out he’ll kick off, threaten suicide, get blind drunk,get abusive towards you and basically cause a crisis. When you have managed to talk him down from this he cries, says how he doesn’t want to be like this, how he adores you, how you’ve always been there and how he wants to change because it hurts too many people being like this – usually while he’s telling the ex the same thing.
The when you give it a go again, he’ll be amazing for a while, but then a new one will catch his eye and he’ll be chatting to her whilst ‘proving’ how much he wants to change to you. And possibly shagging the ex too. Then all of a sudden you’ll be dropped like a hot brick for the new one and become the phsycho ex.
Then when things start to sour for him with that one, he’ll be back in touch with you, and you’ll be where he’s disappearing off to while the new one thinks one of his kids/parents/grandparents is on deaths door or while he’s ‘helping a mate’.

He’s an emotionally abusive, manipulative cheating liar.

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