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Dani Schwartz

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I’m actually Dani Schwartz and was told that my son’s father from 11 yrs ago still won’t get over the fact we’ll never ever be anything but parents of our son. I really don’t understand this kind of behavior and how it benefits them in any way… so who’s really in the wrong here? Well how about think about our son seeing or hearing bad things spoken about his mother and how it’d make him feel!! I think I’ve made it clear of what is really important and what one person says doesn’t make it true nor does it make you out to be this poor victim, and shows who could really fall victimized by your behavior! Is that fair to our son? I’m sure that never once crossed your mind cause you’ve been obsessing this picture of you and I for 11 yrs and just won’t let it go, and move on like a civilized adult.

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