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Dale Sovich, Sartell MN USA

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This guy is a first class slimeball. He cheats on his wife, several times. remarries and cheats on the new wife. Now he’s with the next victim. DO NOT let his charming personality fool you!!
He is a user! He targets women who he thinks he can “save”… he will romance you, wine and dine you, win your kids and family over…almost like he’s too good to be true. HE IS!!! He will keep you under his control financially, use your money for his own gain, and the worse of it is the lies. He will not tell the truth even when you confront him with evidence. He is a sociopath! He keeps a handful of women on the back burner and hides their phone numbers under men’s names in his phone. He’s sneaky enough not to call or text these ladies, because he knows you could see the bill. Instead he uses phone apps and instant messager to contact them. He will also call them on messenger – yes! You can place a call on messenger!! He will deny, deny, deny. Eventually he will tell everyone he knows you are crazy and he’ll move on to the next target, only to repeat his facade until he once again gets bored or caught. BEWARELADIES! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCUMBAG!!!

One thought on “Dale Sovich, Sartell MN USA

  1. She even lost the house she got in the divorce. Never makes payments on anything. And then blames the guy for everything. He did not cheat on her at all he talked to a female friend.

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