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Crystale Palmer Princeton , Kentucky

First Name : Crystale
Last Name : Palmer
Gender : F
Age : 32
City : Princeton
State : KY
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (270)625-3118
Alias 1 : Crystale Sellers
Alias 2 : Chrys
Website 1 : click to view website

I am the girlfriend of one of her ex boyfriends and I unfortunately have to see her face once a week.

She is a scam artist! She will pick up a guy sleep with them get home fixed or get $ for bills or have a guy fix up something. As soon as he is broke….. next one is on the way. She will take 1000-10000 is cash or services from them and then recycle them. Whats worse she will say she always loved them and get them back when she runs out of options. Be aware of this one guys she take for all you got and a whole lot more.

Whats worse she works at a hospital. People need help not taken advantage of.

In this current facebook image you can see her current mark. I think this is round 2 or 3 on him. She must be so loose at this point going through so manny guys.

STD check!!!!! Wrap your d**k up!

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