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Courtney N Probst, Mansfield, Ohio

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She is a con artist drug addict who promises a relationship and sex but needs money right away for whatever excuse she can come up with. Then when it’s time to meet up she is a no show or says she is on her period any excuse she can come up with. She even agreed to marry a guy and he bought her a car and gave her whatever she needed. Then fucked around with several other guys. Then finally had sex with him and he ended up with the clap. Had a baby and left her for her mother to raise so she could whore for a dealer for her heroin.

2 thoughts on “Courtney N Probst, Mansfield, Ohio

  1. The biggest liar I have ever met or heard of!!! Don’t give her money or even the time of day!!! Will lie and cry to get what she wants then turn her back on you!!! Makes all kinds of promises and never keeps them!!! If you come across her run the other way!!!

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