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Corina Sue Beal Lillington, NC USA

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Let’s see. I knew her from high school and hadn’t seen her in a few decades. We run into each other on Facebook and things “blossomed”. We dated, moved in together and life was amazing. The sex was OK. I wouldn’t call it great. I worked all day and came home to make dinner for the kids (4 of them), homework, chores. ..etc. She’d get off work a little later. Usually after the kids were in bed. Life was perfect, I spoiled this woman. One day, out of the blue, she says we needed a break. What she really meant was, I’ve been seeing someone behind your back and want to move him in. Isn’t it funny how much you find out about a person after the fact. While catching up on the years since high school, she omitted the fact that she’s done this to every man she’s ever been with. Her ex told me that the day I moved in with her, she had just kicked him out. The day he moved in, she kicked the previous guy out. It goes on. I should have suspected things were foul since she has 4 kids by 3 men. She has sob stories for all of it. All lies. This woman should be a lawyer the way she lies. It doesn’t even phase her. Watch out for this woman. She has great charm. She’s like a black widow. She’ll make you love her, then destroy your world. You have been warned. Side note, one of her daughters called me dad. She wanted me to adopt her since her dad is a junkie. I said of course I would. My son was in the picture too. He knew Corina as his step mom. Now I can’t get him to stop asking why Corina doesn’t love us anymore. Grow up Corina. Your actions affect everyone.

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