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Connor William Mathis in Kennewick, WA

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Ugh, like most girls I was blind and naive and forgiving…all for NOT. Connor Mathis has cheated his entire life. He cheated on his first gf, on a long string of girls, on myself, and on his current gf. He stole from me. He stole money, he stole trust, he stole my time. He beat me on two separate occasions because I caught him stealing and when I asked for the money back, I got my head thrown against the wall instead. He then justified it by saying that I should not have ever come to him and asked him for anything back. The entire time, turns out he was using drugs. He wasted hundreds of dollars of my money on drugs. Then lied to my face. He grows drugs, sits at home and grows drugs…takes drugs grows drugs, steals, cheats and beats women. He maintains such a narcissistic facade that people who only know him on occasion think he is wonderful. Let me assure u, he is not. He will manipulate any situation or any one to get what he wants. I hate myself for all he took from me. I hope one day karma comes to get him back. FH get out while u can.

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