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My ex is as fake as a human being could be. She is as sweet as can be when it’s convenient but once it is not she is the meanest most vindictive woman on the planet. I can’t believe I ever fell for her bullshit. We were together and she had a hard day at work. She worked an hour from me but I drive up there to meet her just to hug her and tell her I couldn’t wait to see her the next day when she had work meetings on my town. The next evening I took her to dinner where she wanted to go and we proceeded to do everything she wanted. I dropped her off at her hotel thinking everything was fine. When I texted her goodnight she broke out off and wouldn’t give an explanation and proceeded to ghost me. A few days later she decided she made a mistake and I took her back stupidly. The next weekend I came to her house to spend the weekend. The weekend consisted of me rushing to her town after work in order to by her tickets to her favorite bands performance that was going to happen around her birthday. The next day e we went kayaking. Something she loved but I had never done. She lambasted me for not having the right attire. We got passed that and went and had fun. The next day we went to fan day for her alma mater.(a school I can’t stand by the way). She treated me like shit the entire day but in torrential rains I kept her hat dry using myself as a shield so she could get it signed. She apologized(kind of) for how she acted towards me and we had dinner and I snuck off to by her flowers. I left that evening and she told me she loved me and still wanted to marry me one day. The next day she dumped me again. Once again via text. She would ghost and then be nice and then pick fights and ghost and then be nice. She stayed nice long enough to get me to still go to the best show I had bought the tickets for and eventually when I left her flowers on her doorstep(not trying to win her back) because she was having a hard time she threatened to call the police on me. That’s when I finally list it and told her how awful she was to me(I’d also like to point out that anytime I was going thru a lot including my mother trying to kill herself her response was “everyone is going thru stuff”). Do not date Jessica Lauren Birt from Barnwell SC, living in Woodruff SC, and working in Newberry and Laurens SC for SC Vocational Rehab where she consistently violates the privacy of her clients (totally illegal by the way). She is an awful, narcissistic, materialistic, fake sociopath who deserves to be known as such!

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