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Colton Cavalry Johnson

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This man never deserved all the love and affection I gave. Not only did he physically and mentally abuse me until the cops came, then threatened me to be quiet until they left, but he is a pathological liar and even when told of his infidelity he denies it. I feel as though I don’t even know this man from how many lies he told me. He came home drunk at 3am on 6/12/16 and due to his sloppy obnoxiousness I didn’t want to sleep next to him. He then proceeded to terrorize and abuse me all night. From slamming his fist into a door and blaming me, to pulling my hair and whispering horrible things to me, to closing my wrist in a door when I tried to escape, to holding me down like an animal, to throwing me by my throat onto a couch, and the whole time blaming me. I was so terrified and confined in his house for 10 hours until his drunkeness took him under and he passed out. I made my getaway to the neighbor across apartments from us where I told her what was happening and she helped me move all of my belongings out. After he woke up angrily while I was getting my things while she protected me I went back to her apartment with all my belongings. She proceeded to tell me he has been sleeping with another woman named Joanna the entire time we were together for money, and that he had done it the night before, before I had snuck into his apartment and surprised him by being naked in the tub all romantic like. I was heartbroken because I really loved this man but he lied the entire time and was sleeping with someone while sleeping with me. He is a short, baby faced guy who you would never assume to be an abuser but stay the hell away. He might have also slept with his ex girlfriend because I found the texts that mainly he was sending, things like “I love you” or the biggest slap in the face was that he sent her a picture of a lake we were on a date at and said he wanted to be with her and go there. Now, this happened with his ex and I forgave him like an idiot and then he abused me mentally and physically and I also found out about his prostituting. This man lied to me and made me feel so loved when he was just wearing a mask. He is 22 years old and a con. He will do anything for money, even cheat on his loving girlfriend who gave him everything. If you come to Las Vegas, stay away from Colton Cavalry Johnson, he broke my heart and is just a scummy loser. I have never wished to take back something so badly in my life and I regret having a relationship with him. It was all a lie.

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