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Cole Barnes, Medford, Oregon

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Cole Barnes is a born again christian who’s a liar, sexist, and abusive. Only wants short “relationships” to show off and use the girl. He’s in a christian band, he sucks at work and school. Don’t fall for his bs. I did. He never cared about my problems. He’s hateful and loves to argue. Cole cuts himself and has written to me in blood when he was mad. He’d call me a bitch, hypocrite, or slut a lot. He told our friends I cheated and that my friend tried to fight him. He took my friends after he spread rumors about me. He abuses cough syrup and expects pity. He was fired because he kept going on myspace. He told everyone he was gay but later became homophobic. He pretends to have a wide taste and knowledge of music. Don’t let him charm you, he likes breaking hearts.

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