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Clint Pissy Pants Odom Carrollton Texas

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This guys is 40 years old and thinks he is a rapper and a little wigger. He is really homeless, jobless, and mentally handicapped. He was cheating on his wife and got syphilis and gonnorrhea. She then kicked him and he has been couch surfing around the North Dallas area or sleeping in tents. He is bi sexual and has been known to prostitute for drug money with men. He pretty much just smokes meth all day and breaks into homes or is selling his ass on craigslist. He is still trying to play his wife and is also fucking a meth whore, a prostitute, and a drug dealer. This guys acts hard but he is the biggest pussy to ever have lived. That how he got the name pissy pants. He peeped himself cause he didn’t wasn’t to get beat up. This moron homeless idot is just street trash retard with a serious meth problem. He is a gay cocksucking cheating lying std spreading homeless bum and everyone needs to be warned.

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