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Cindy Pena, Corpus Christi, Texas

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Cindy Pena has been sleeping with my husband since November 2013. She knew my husband and I were working things out. She is one of those girls who likes being controlled and will do anything to keep my husband in her life even if it resulted in being the other woman. She lives with her mom and step dad who know about her being the other woman. I recently found out that he may have been seeing her and of course when I questioned it he denied it. Finally I had enough and kicked him out. The next 2 days people were telling me that they were seen together and that she was posting pics of them together. She loves to play the games with people and doesnt care who gets hurt. She was seeing a guy too but ended up just using him until my husband would call her whenever he was ready. She will do anything to keep my husband even if she was only the other woman. I even found pictures and videos in my husbands phone of her giving him a vlow job. She doesnt care that she broke up my family.

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