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Christopher Johnson, Northlake, Texas

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Chris Johnson, aka chrisjj78 on every online dating website (before the company deletes him), is a sociopath, a liar, and a cheater. He totes himself as an “honest and real guy” who has fallen victim to every “crazy” woman in the USA, including the two who married and quickly divorced him. He is an “** guy” and even said ex-wife #2 cheated on him while he was ** in Iraq. Chris Johnson has two girlfriends right now, and is actively dating many others who he meets on dating websites. When he is confronted about this, he blames it on “crazy women who are out to get him”. When he is rejected by a woman, he goes younger and sends his previous victim pictures, bragging about his “upgrade”. One of his ex-girlfriends warned me, and said that we should start a support group for all women who have dated him. One of his ex-wives said that she fled 1500 miles, leaving behind everything except the dog (he abuses pets), just to escape him. There is also a girl who he sexually assaulted and impregnated out there, who is raising his child alone. I recently left him to be with his other two girlfriends, and he continues to call me and verbally abuse me. He owns many weapons, and I hope he leaves me alone.

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