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Christopher isaiah C*x, lived in Gilroy now lives in San Jose california

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Christopher isaiah C*x is the most disgusting, manipulative, lying, cheating pig you’ll ever meet. Not only has he cheated on every girlfriend he’s ever had, ask any of his ex girlfriends with a brain. And they’ll tell you the exact thing I just did. He is dispicable and will ALWAYS, ALWAYS play the victim in every situation. He will lie till the end and take it to the grave. Let me just give you a little recap of our year long relationship in which he cheated and lied to me continuously. One thing about his is he loves to play the victim, he loves to look innocent and he will lie and say whatever he has to to gain the perspective in your eyes. He cheated on my countless times and I know this for a fact. Considering the amount of girls who would come to me letting me know that he tried or did cheat on me with them. And having know and talked to some of his ex’s they’ve all said that he is a manipulative cheater. And he is. I’ll go ahead and share some stories with you so you get the idea of how disgusting he is. So the first story, a girl who I knew of and he also knew and hung around quite often had contacted me. She told me that he and her were hanging out at his house and watching some show on Netflix, she said she was laying on his bed a good amount of space from him and he got out of his chair to ask if she wanted a massage. She said NO. He continued to massage her anyways working his way up her leg, to her thighs and eventually her a*s then he began to rub her p***y. At that point she said she got up and left because she knew that him and I were dating. The second one is even more disgusting. So this girl that I knew, me and him had hung out with her and her bf before, so I knew her and so did he. She came to me and told me that they were hanging out one day, they went back to his house to chill and smoke and she said at some point he got up and said he was going to change he walks behind her and after a few mins shes like wtf is he doing so she turns around and he is A*S NAKED JACKING OFF HIS D**K STARING AT HER. Yea, f*****g gross. Well the worst part of it all? He gave me THREE STDS not one not two but THREE STDS. This disgusting f**k gave me HERPES, Chlamydia, and syphilis. Two of them were curable but herpes is with you for life now let me tell you that I know for a fact HE HAS NOT AND WILL NOT INFORM ANY OF HIS NEW SEXUAL PARTNERS, HE WILL NOT USE A CONDOM. He never once went to get checked himself after I had informed him of all the s**t he would take the antibiotic but never went to get checked. And on top of it all I had found out this sick f**k went to jail FOR RAPE . YES RAPE. I’m not lying either everyone that knew him knows this is a fact. He will tell you over and over that people don’t like him for no reason when that is never the case. He is a liar and a cheater he is manipulative and he deserves to be exposed and haunted with this s**t for the rest of his life.

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