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Christopher Douglas Ferrell, Indian Trail, NC 28079

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1. Pathological lying, can often pass a lie detector test, as lying is part of the sociopath’s innate makeup
2. Shallow emotions, exhibits outward charm but holds inward scorn for others. 3. Overblown ego (total self-centeredness)and sense of entitlement, feelings that whatever they want is their right to have regardless of harm done to others to obtain it
4. Feel their behavior is justified
5. Desire to control and manipulate others, sees others more as targets to be victimized than as people
6. Vindictive when thwarted
7. Keenly aware of the weaknesses of others and will exploit those weaknesses to their own advantage, loves to con others for pleasure or for profit
8. Versatile and chameleon-like, changes image and life story as needed to attain immediate goals
9. Lack of conscience, no sense of remorse, guilt, or regret


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