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Christina Little, Boston, Massachusetts

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Some homewreckers start off young…this one has a habit of going after middle aged men old enough to be her father. She loves to attend happy hours hosted by the company she works for and seduces coworkers/bosses so she can climb up the corporate ladder. Sexting and sending nude selfies is her specialty -all on company time. What a multitasker! She will do what she needs to do to get what she wants and promises the best life a man could ever have if he leaves his wife and new baby. Disgusting and vile human being who seems to have no problem hurting other people especially young children. A “Little” girl that has yet become a real woman. REAL women don’t go after married men. The ones that do are called WHORES. We as women need to start raising daughters with better morals than this. Look out married women of Boston!

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