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Christian Palfrey, Taunton United Kingdom

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The bf of Christian Palfrey from Taunton , United Kingdom is a flithy creep, liar, cheater, prostitute addict, tranny chaser, queer, and a pedophile as well.
He cheats with prostitutes and trannies, transgenders. He loves chicks with a dick, especially Asian ladyboys.
His shemales have bigger dicks than this him and he is a premature ajaculator.
He has STDs from the prostitutes, so be careful !
He is on every dating sites, prostitutes websites and calls himself “smithmatt007”
He contacts every transexuals and prostitutes for sex on facebook, instagram. He even messages underaged teenagers for sex.
He travels with Christian Palfrey in Asia for sex tourism, and they have sex with AIDS infected prostitutes. Ewww

One thought on “Christian Palfrey, Taunton United Kingdom

  1. Christian Palfrey is from Taunton , United Kingdom – HSE surface supplied diver.
    He also used to live in London – Clapham
    He owns ” DIVING LIMITED ”
    This guy and his friend are big losers who use prostitutes !

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