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chris rossman poughkeepise ny

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Chris Rossman has been advised NOT to contact his ex he continues to send her selfies of him etc at 1 am 3 am to harass her he took pictures of her made them his facebook profile picture in a bra and panties he is a bully AND A SOCIOPATH who has been hospitalized 2 times for mental breakdowns

He lied to his kids that I was a one night stand sadly I wasnt he called me every day and texted me every day from 2010 to 2016 emailed me we vacationed in ST THOMAS LAS VEGAS he has met my child he has been in my home he stayed there many weekends and for 2 weeks for work

We have him on security showing up we have a security system at out home he showed up a few times unannounced

He says hes private he is not he is sneaky the relationship was over he came back to my home unannounced last summer as he missed me stupidly I let him in he continues to text me including pictures of a car fire he was in this year I got rid of him as he was on Tinder and 4 other websites for dating unbeknowst to me he says hes stalked? Stalked no one shows up at his home or work he does hes a stalker and a harasserand a liar

He is a sex addict he asked me send him a ughh spread open pussy pic yes I have the text and call him a woman in a bar answered his phone named Courtney he didnt call me back until 10 am the next day and said calm down I left my phone in a bar yeah right this year

I then had a woman call me named Kaylee with a heavy accent from NJ that said he met her in a bar and her 2 friends and he fucks all of them one is married . I told her I WAS DONE with him that I wanted no contact and had to have a HIV test due to his sex addiction and she should too

Chris is a liar and cheater and a manwhore there is nothing private about him hes sneaky His kids call and he says hes working no hes in your bed Ive heard him once he gets in a jam he will bully you defame you write terrible things online call you terrible names hes a vain narcissit and a insulter as he has low self esteem he is short and bald He said quote I spend every spare second with my kids no he doesnt he does in NJ NYC BARSAND Saratoga Springs he said he will fuck everything he can before hes 60 hes 57

Hes highly ocd takes mental health meds hes been arrested and on probation for drugs he was for 25 years a pitchman in Kmart selling knifes and jewelry his brother handed him a NYC union job now he thinks hes a movie star or a porn star ughhh he uses NO PROTECTION

He has been asked to go away NO CONTACT the damage is done hes defamed me and my family online and photoshopped pics of me and posted them to embarrass and humiliate me he sent my private phone number in a group text doing this to slander me the lies he put on line I cant get down

When I met him he was on vacation not with his kids he doesnt take them in Saratoga NY he never told me he was living with a woman he was he didnt and has never owned a home he was in a ch 7 at the time She called me and messaged me he left his computer up and she saw my pictures and messages when he got home to HIGHLAND FALLS he told me to lie to her and she did kick him out he never told his kids this either HE told me she was too old and he was trying to get rid of her and they were on and off LIE this is what he does he used to put her on speaker phone begging for sex and drive around with a sex box in his carwith sex toys stocking and lube and warch porn in his car on his laptop HE SAID SHE CHASED HIM and as she had a real estate job and a ex who per him was a alcoholic and didnt pay support he justified his cheating by saying he paid the mortgage

He is a Jekkyl hyde he can be very funny and nice at first but has a vicous temper and is spiteful hateful and meanhe will bully you
He has been kicked out of a Kmart he worked in for stealing food from the employee fridge and every place he has lived for the same thing and being a slob he rents rooms Hes moody mean and spiteful and a pathological liarand smells like cigs and mothballs as he buys his clothes at thrift stores he drives a old Subaru he thinks fucking alot of woman maks him look cool hes 57 a dirty old MAN HIS goatee is disgusting and he brags about fucking 3 woman in a day he takes VIAGRA
Nothing is ever his fault his nickname is Rossdogsee this guy run he goes into gory details about the sex he has hes a dirty OLD MAN 57 afraid to get old he is and now says he fucks EASTERN European woman in NJ AS THEY THINKS HE FUNNY Kaylee told me for a old guy his body is ok ughh and he stays in NJ TO FUCK HER and her 2 friends this is a Dad with teens who live in Dutchess cty he stays in NYC AND NJ to fuck instead

He will threaten you and has me to punch me to humiliate me bully me he has This guy is bad news hes a gossip and will use your weaknesses against you

Run if you see CHRISTOPHER ROSSMAN AKA CHRIS ROSSMAN AKA GELA MOON OR ROSSDOG thats him on the right no teeth

One thought on “chris rossman poughkeepise ny

  1. Ladies DO NOT let this creep take your pictures he will photoshop them in a bad mean way as hes a evil troll and post them online and make YOU his facebook profile picture UNAUTHORIZED TO TRY TO HUMILIATE YOU AND AS HE SAYS BEG YOU TO TAKE IT DOWN AND CRY Hes a BULLY and a sick immature old perv WHO DOES THAT ???? A PSYCHO Dont tell him anything hes a gossip

    ROSSMAN WAS ADVISED GO AWAY FOR THE LAST TIME stalker harasser old bully

    IF WOMAN ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO FUCK A DIRTY OLD PERV IN BARWHATEVER HE MAY MAKE THEM his next victim of harassment he will also get his friends and family to threaten you to beat you up NICE GUY yeah its all documented in writing

    The End go away GROSSMAN ENJOY GETTING ONE YR closer to 60 tmrw lol

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