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Chris N. Webster, Maryland

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My husband started having an affair with Marcy Aiken Klyeman at his job Murray Corp in Huntvalley Md in 2013. They came to my home slept in my bed and had sex on the job. He said be broke it off with her in 2014 but I found out later he lied.He got an STD from her. He continued to have a sexual relationship with me the whole time and when I would go to work he would leave and go to her home in Glen Rock Pa. And have sex with her. He claims he don’t love her and it’s just for sex and that she is crazy and her kids are fat and lazy and fight all the time..And the only reason he still see’s her is because he don’t want to be at his mothers house.. And that she will let him do anything he wants to her… He said he wanted to have an open marriage I said he’s crazy hell will freeze over before I ever take him back … So ladies beware

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